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Declaration of Independence

You Can No Longer Say You Didn’t Know

The children killed in this video were human beings with great potential...

/ August 20, 2013
Perfect Down Syndrome

Doing the Right Thing

From this precious girl, he has learned what 'perfection' really is...

/ August 20, 2013
MLK Memorial

Abortion Is an Epidemic

Abortion is decimating the black community...

/ August 15, 2013
Planned Parenthood New Orleans

The Truth About Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood destroys women inside and outside of the womb...

/ August 15, 2013
Pam Stenzel

Protect and Love Them Both

Rape and abortion are wrong for the same reason...

/ August 14, 2013
Abortion Word Cloud

The Inhumanity of ‘Choice’

I wish this was an examination of some alien species, but it’s not...

/ August 12, 2013
Blue Valentine Movie

You Can Change Your Mind About Abortion

Once the vacuum is turned on you can never get your child back...

/ August 11, 2013
Life After Abortion

The Heartbreak of Abortion

These women have a message for those who are considering abortion...

/ August 11, 2013
Ultrasound Assisted Abortion

Abby’s Awakening

A change of heart after assisting with an ultrasound guided abortion...

/ August 11, 2013
28 Week HD Ultrasound

I Am Unborn

Please keep me…

/ August 10, 2013