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Love Them Both

One Hundred Thousand Babies Saved!

Mothers deserve better than abortion and babies deserve to live...

/ September 27, 2013
Life Is Beautiful Note

Even a Child Knows the Truth About Abortion

Abortion is a human atrocity that destroys the lives of millions...

/ September 27, 2013
Holding Ultrasound

Appalling Debate on Abortion

It’s sad that this debate is necessary in a civilized society...

/ September 24, 2013

22 Painful Weeks

Rowan would be eight years old today, attending second grade, if not for legal abortion...

/ September 8, 2013
Fetal Position

Considering Abortion?

Abortion hurts more than just your child, it hurts you, and it hurts for a lifetime...

/ September 6, 2013
Flower Hope

Giving Hope to Others

Courtney will now know all of the amazing joys and challenges of life...

/ September 5, 2013
Camera Lens

Abortion Destroys What Should Have Been

It’s easy to lose focus on what matters most...

/ September 4, 2013
Adoption Race

Giving the Gift of Family

There's no such thing as an unwanted child...

/ August 30, 2013
Bloody Egg

A Clear Violation of Human Rights

Learn more about the various methods used to kill developing human beings...

/ August 29, 2013
Planned Parenthood Vandalism

Planned Parenthood Is Right!

When a culture allows the killing of its own prenatal children they devalue all human life...

/ August 28, 2013