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Baby on Mother

His Body, His Choice

Suicide destroys your own body, abortion destroys someone else's...

/ March 13, 2018
Bill Gates

Bill Gates Won’t Mention the Evil Behind Population Trends

My dad was head of Planned Parenthood...

/ February 25, 2018
Bloody Abortion Instruments

Woman’s Choice Abortion Clinic Investigation

Exposing the depravity of 'choice'...

/ February 11, 2018
Suffrage Early Feminists

What Did Early Feminists Think About Abortion?

"The gross perversion and destruction of motherhood by the abortionist filled me with indignation..."

/ February 3, 2018
A Choice to Lose You

What Would My Life Have Been Without You?

Always protect your child, no matter what...

/ January 27, 2018
Pregnant Mother Ultrasound Images

Challenged With an Unplanned Pregnancy?

We're here to help. You are not alone!

/ January 14, 2018
Pro-Life Feminist Film

Reclaiming Feminism

Pro-life feminism — because killing girls in the womb isn't fighting for women's rights...

/ January 7, 2018
NICU Nurses Sing to Preemie

Merry Christmas Little One

Life is beautiful, no matter how small...

/ December 24, 2017
Tearing Life Apart Late Term Abortion

Abortion Tears Life Apart

Does this look like a human right to you...

/ December 23, 2017
Stare Abortion in the Face

The Hard Truth About Abortion

This child was ripped apart by an abortionist paid to kill him...

/ December 19, 2017