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Dave Chappelle Special

Dave Chappelle Whiplashes His Audience with the Cold Hard Truth

And suddenly, the laughter fades away...

/ August 30, 2019
Abortion Ultrasound

Abortionist Admits He Kills Healthy Late-Term Babies

The baby has no input in this as far as I’m concerned...

/ August 9, 2019
Lila Rose White House

Social Media Censorship Is a Threat to Democracy

The primary outlet for voicing our vision and hope for the future of our shared nation is social media...

/ July 14, 2019
Changing Minds on Abortion

7 Reasons to Kill a Baby

Seeing those who are ardently pro-choice change their minds in moments is compelling...

/ June 22, 2019
Baby in Amniotic Sac

People Are Not Defined by Their Location

This beautiful child is and always has been a person worthy of human rights...

/ May 20, 2019
Pregnant Photo Shoot

Baby Cries Before Birth Is Complete

Do pregnant women carry children in their wombs...

/ April 3, 2019
Unplanned Movie

Unplanned: Waking up to the Reality of Abortion

Abby was blind to the truth about abortion until she saw something that changed everything...

/ March 23, 2019
Protect Our Preborn

Abortion’s Double Injustice

There's no right way to do what is wrong...

/ March 7, 2019

The Rising Drumbeat for Prenatal Genocide

Democrats reveal their scorched Earth policy for late-term abortion...

/ February 3, 2019
3D Printed Ultrasound

Denying Their Humanity Is Becoming an Impossible Task

Technology allows the parents of prenatal children to hold them before birth...

/ January 20, 2019