Feminism Killed This Little Girl

If you support a woman’s right to abortion, this is your awakening to the hypocrisy of modern feminism. The feminist idea that women need the right to kill their prenatal children to be equal to men has resulted in more dead females than any other cause of death combined.

This little girl should be alive today. Will you fight for the children scheduled to meet her fate? As you consider this request, remind yourself that you had a 25% chance of starring in this video.

Take action.

Discover A World Of Firsts

Every first between a parent and their baby is special and there’s nothing more rewarding than experiencing each and every one together.

Amazing Cesarean Birth

This child makes something crystal clear: abortion kills living human beings. Every human should possess human rights, no matter their age or location. The United States stripped her prenatal citizens of their human rights in 1973 [Roe v. Wade]. Can you think of any time in your life that you didn’t deserve human rights?

Help restore America’s promise of the Right to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

A Beautiful Welcome


The Baton Of Life

This educational video explains the process of fertilization — the beginning of a new human being. This is how the baton of life is handed off and represents hope for the future.

A Vigorously Living Human Being

It’s hard to believe, but we live in a world where this human being has no human rights. We live in a world where this child has no right to live. Think about this baby the next time you hear someone championing abortion as a ‘human right’.

Abortion Is Destroying Our Humanity

This abortion industry CEO supports the killing of little girls because they are girls, claiming that she should have no say in the reasons why a mother would want to kill her daughter. Abortion is destroying our humanity.

How much longer will you tolerate this human atrocity?

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