A ‘Hard Case’ Used To Justify Abortion

“Don’t let the world tell you who you are gonna be, you tell the world.” When Dr Maria Coleman was a 20 year old medical student in Dublin she didn’t plan to get pregnant but as she says, “I was one of those hard cases, a case they would use to push for abortion.”

Raw Footage of Baby Killed By Abortion At 17 Weeks

As you watch the killing of this little boy, remind yourself how many times you’ve heard someone claim that black lives matter. If they really cared, shouldn’t they be protesting at Planned Parenthood?

Canada Takes A Stand For Life

Join Canada’s Campaign Life Coalition for the 2017 National March for Life on May 11th.

Although the March for Life through the streets of downtown Ottawa is the main attraction, the Rally on Parliament Hill has become equally important as it gives Canadians an opportunity to hear from political, cultural and spiritual leaders, motivating them with personal stories, messages of hope, and a call to action on how we can restore a culture of life in Canada.

The Rally on the Hill starts at 12:30pm after the Peace Tower Carillon’s daily performance, and goes until 1:30pm when the march begins. After the march, everyone is encouraged to return to the Hill for an impromptu concert performed by our March for Life band followed by powerful testimonies by the women and men of the Silent No More Awareness Campaign. The program on the Hill wraps up at 4pm with a closing prayer service led by the Eastern Catholic Chaplaincy of Ottawa.

Rally on the Hill
12:30 – 1:30pm
March for Life
1:30 – 3pm
Silent No More
3:00 – 4pm
Closing prayer service
4 – 4:30pm

Join the fight for true human equality!

The Truth Always Finds A Way

Planned Parenthood is airing a deceptive ad featuring a woman telling a story about how they helped her choose life. Of course, what they conveniently leave out is that they are the largest abortion business in America.

Here’s the appalling truth: 94% of pregnant mothers who carry their prenatal children into Planned Parenthood leave without them.

The World Is Watching. What Will You Do?

Over one million American children are quietly killed behind sterile clinic doors every year. How much longer will you tolerate this injustice?

Join the fight.

A Scathing Rebuke Of The Abortion Culture

Teen Vogue ran an article full of offensive advice on what to get a friend who chose to kill her child through abortion. In this video, one high school teen responds with a scathing rebuke of the need to celebrate the slaughter of prenatal children. America’s me-first culture has twisted the idea that mothers should protect their children into one that extols the benefits of destroying them.  It’s time to push back on this horrific and dangerous ideology. It’s time to join the fight.

Learn more.

To Kill Or To Protect Your Child? What A Choice…

We live in a world where a mother can carry her perfectly healthy prenatal child into an abortion clinic and have them killed on demand. Yet it would be unimaginable for this same woman to carry a perfectly healthy puppy into a veterinarian clinic to have it euthanized. What have we become?

Strip away the animation and watch a real abortion video and then take action to end this human tragedy.

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