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Abortion 24 Weeks

Another Little Girl Killed by Modern Feminism

Abortion kills over 75,000 little girls every day, yet modern feminists claim abortion protects women...

/ April 19, 2018

Acknowledge the Evil of Abortion

The womb is the most dangerous place on Earth for a human being to live...

/ April 8, 2018
Abortion Procedure Curettage

How to Kill Your Baby

Learn how the language of abortion masks the reality of abortion...

/ March 22, 2018
Bloody Abortion Instruments

Woman’s Choice Abortion Clinic Investigation

Exposing the depravity of 'choice'...

/ February 11, 2018
Senator Chuck Schumer Abortion
Confront Abortion

Confront Abortion

Abortion is the undercurrent that poisons our culture...

/ February 4, 2018
Tearing Life Apart Late Term Abortion

Abortion Tears Life Apart

Does this look like a human right to you?

/ December 23, 2017
Aborted Baby Cookies

Celebrating the Abortion Culture

This person took the time to bake party cookies that resemble the shattered remains of babies ripped from the safety of their mother’s womb because they think it’s edgy and funny. Let’s compare the accuracy of these cookies to actual...

/ December 23, 2017
Stare Abortion in the Face

The Hard Truth About Abortion

This child was ripped apart by an abortionist paid to kill him...

/ December 19, 2017
24 Week Abortion

Ripping Babies Apart Isn’t a ‘Necessary Evil’

If you can't think of a good enough reason to crush a newborn's skull, you shouldn't be able to think of a good enough reason to crush that same child's skull while living in the womb.

/ December 18, 2017