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This is Sofia Sanchez, a beautiful little girl with Down syndrome who is proving that every life is worth living, no matter your circumstances. Sadly, most parents kill children like Sofia in painful late-term abortions. These children aren’t killed because their mothers don’t want to be pregnant, they are targeted for extermination because their parents don’t want the ‘burden’ of caring for a child with special needs. Abortion enables this human atrocity, allowing people like Sofia to be legally murdered. Abortion is the ultimate act of discrimination against the mentally and physically challenged. If it’s wrong to kill this little girl outside the womb, why do so many support killing her while living inside the womb?

It’s time to end the targeted destruction of our own young, whether disabled or not. If you are capable of seeing the beauty of this child’s life, then DO SOMETHING to protect others like her facing the brutality of human abortion.

See the shocking truth.

A Beautiful Welcome


A Religious Right To Kill Babies?

The Satanic Temple

The Satanic Temple is challenging state laws across America designed to protect prenatal children from the brutality of human abortion. Though I am not religious, I find it revolting that any organization would actively seek to destroy innocent human life, especially in the name of a supernatural belief system.

Douglas Karpen Abortion

The evil of mankind expresses itself in many depraved ways, but none are as vile as ripping a living human baby from the safety of their mother’s womb. Killing prenatal children is not a human right, a religious right, nor a woman’s right. It’s simply wrong and we must do everything in our power to confront it.

Another Empty Pair Of Baby Shoes

Aborted Baby

Abortion is a euphemism for brutally slaughtering an innocent child. Mothers and fathers should always place the needs of their children above their own, no matter what. If you wouldn’t support ripping this baby’s foot off after their birth, you shouldn’t support ripping that same foot off prior to their birth. How many more pairs of baby shoes will go unfilled before all of us realize what we have become?

Shine a light on abortion.

Killing Baby Girls Doesn’t Make You Powerful

Girl Power

Over 60,000 females are killed by abortion every day on this planet. Their destruction is driven by feminists who believe they need to kill their sons and daughters to gain equality with men. Killing little girls doesn’t empower women, it degrades them.

Liberal Philosophical Lunacy

Elizabeth Harman, a Princeton University philosophy professor, attempts to justify the morality of abortion by removing the moral equivalency of her fellow human beings.

In some of my work I defend a liberal position about early abortion. I defend the view that there is nothing morally bad about early abortion. So, a lot of people think, “Well it’s permissible to have an abortion, but something bad happens when the fetus dies.” And I think if a fetus hasn’t ever been conscious, it hasn’t ever had any experiences, and we aborted it at that stage actually nothing morally bad happens. And this view might seem unattractive because it might seem that it dictates a cold attitude towards all early fetuses.

But, what I think is actually among early fetuses there are two very different kinds of beings. So, James, when you were an early fetus, and Eliot, when you were an early fetus, all of us I think we already did have moral status then. But we had moral status in virtue of our futures. And future of fact that we were beginning stages of persons. But some early fetuses will die in early pregnancy due to abortion or miscarriage. And in my view, that is a very different kind of entity. That’s something that doesn’t have a future as a person and it doesn’t have moral status.

This liberal professor, who sadly has access to young minds, believes that her life had value prior to her birth because she is alive today. Using incomprehensible circular ‘logic’, she posits that the thousands of prenatal children slaughtered each day have no value simply because they were selected to be killed and therefore had no future.

Elizabeth Harman Princeton

Thinking like this is what has led to every human atrocity our world has ever known. When we attempt to rationalize the destruction of our fellow human beings, we destroy the very thing that makes us human.

Beautiful Beginnings

Eye Colors

None are so blind as those who refuse to see

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