Embrace The Truth About Abortion

Speaking The Truth

The truth that abortion kills innocent living human beings angers those without a willingness to sacrifice for others.

The lie that abortion is healthcare kills those without the protection needed to avoid being sacrificed by others.

The truth will allow you to live and die on the right side of history. Don’t believe the lie.

Even Planned Parenthood Once Knew That Abortion Kills Babies

Planned Parenthood Pamphlet

Planned Parenthood Pamphlet

Do Something About Abortion

I Am Somebody

There are thousands of children scheduled to be killed over the coming weeks. They don’t have the luxury of time. Throw off your apathy and take action TODAY to save their lives.

Learn how.

News Flash: All Lives Matter

Prenatal Lives Matter

Heroes Protect Children No Matter What

Mother's Are Heroes

So Every Bunny Can Hatch

Happy Easter Baby

Every child conceived should have the right to hatch and know the love of their human family. Happy Pro-Life Easter!

Where’s The Black Lives Matter Movement When You Need Them?

Black Lives Matter

Black life starts when every other life starts — at fertilization. So why doesn’t Black Lives Matter work to protect prenatal black lives instead of partnering with Planned Parenthood to help destroy them?

Learn more.

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