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Abortion Regret

I Will Never Stop Crying

I can only pretend to be strong for so long...

/ October 20, 2013
Abortion Regret

Abortion Regret and Lost Love

What I did was the most heart wrenching thing in the world...

/ October 19, 2013
Take My Heart I Don't Want It Anymore

My Abortion Broke Me

I’m typing through my tears so full of sorrow and sadness that the words aren’t enough to convey the depth of the heartache I feel...

/ October 18, 2013
Abortion Regret

Post Abortion Depression Is Real

There are millions of mothers who regret their ‘choice’ to kill their children...

/ October 5, 2013
Bloody Hand

Abby Johnson Describes Her Child’s Abortion

I told them about the clots, the cramping, the nausea, the bleeding...

/ October 5, 2013
Abortion Regret

I Have a Secret About Abortion

I don’t get the feeling this person is proud of killing her child...

/ October 3, 2013
Abortion Regret

The Painful Truth About Abortion

Nobody told me the abortion would hurt more emotionally than the rape...

/ September 1, 2013
Life After Abortion

The Heartbreak of Abortion

These women have a message for those who are considering abortion...

/ August 11, 2013