Abortion Ends A Human Life


You Were You In The Womb

My Mom Chose Life

Nothing about who you were changed on your birthday. Mothers and fathers have a responsibility to care for their children, no matter how small or dependent they may be.

The Sickness Of Abortion ‘Doctors’

When you pull out a piece of the fetus, let’s say, an arm or a leg, and remove that… the fetus is alive. I have observed a fetal heartbeat via ultrasound with extensive parts of the fetus removed.

— LeRoy Carhart, Abortionist

What Have We Become?

Eye For An Eye

People literally march in the street for the right to do this to their own children. We have devolved into something unrecognizable. We claim to champion for human rights yet destroy thousands of innocent humans each and every day. How many more babies must we rip apart before we awaken to the reality of our barbaric culture? Those who survive this slaughter will someday look back on our era as the darkest ever visited upon our species.

Now that you have witnessed this horrific atrocity, you must JOIN THE FIGHT to end it. If you do nothing, you are just as culpable in this depraved act as those who physically commit it.

Apathy and evil. The two work hand in hand. They are the same, really…. Evil wills it. Apathy allows it. Evil hates the innocent and the defenseless most of all. Apathy doesn’t care as long as it’s not personally inconvenienced.

Anatomy Of Abortion

Dr. Bours squeezed the contents of the sock into a shallow dish and poked around with his finger. ‘You can see a teeny tiny hand’ he said.

— Abortion Worker quoted in The Abortion Conflict: What it Does to One Doctor, Dudley Clendinen, New York Times Magazine, Aug 11, 1985, page 26

To Kill Or To Protect Your Child? What A Choice…

We live in a world where a mother can carry her perfectly healthy prenatal child into an abortion clinic and have them killed on demand. Yet it would be unimaginable for this same woman to carry a perfectly healthy puppy into a veterinarian clinic to have it euthanized. What have we become?

Strip away the animation and watch a real abortion video and then take action to end this human tragedy.

Humans Can Rationalize Any Violence

12 Week Fetus

Mother rationalizes the use of violence against this 12 week old prenatal child…

The first time I ever examined an elective abortion specimen was before I ever saw an autopsy or miscarried fetus. I opened the container that was just labeled “products of conception” not knowing what to expect and was like ???????? is this really happening right now!!! Looking at a specimen like this for the first time was slightly traumatizing to say the least, especially being a woman and a mom. A photo like this is one thing, but to actually have it in your hands is quite another. As a healthcare professional you are supposed to be nonjudgmental blah blah blah but your heart is pulling you in a different way because you are holding fetal body parts in your hand.

It’s amazing how your views can change on things working in this field. I was always pro-choice for myself, until that day. People always ask me my stand on abortion. Personally, it is not something I would ever do, but I also do not judge anyone who has ever done it, or anyone who ever plans to do it. Now when I exam a specimen like this I feel no emotion. I have seen so many in my career and I have learned to live with the choices people make.

The only history I get with these specimens is the first and last name of a woman I have never met and her age. I don’t know her situation and why she decided to do this, and honestly I really don’t care. It’s the beauty of choice. The reason I share photos like this with you is because this is just another type of specimen that crosses the pathologist assistant’s desk every day. This is what’s happening in medicine and in real life. This can help you make informed educated decisions.

This woman was close to gaining something that so many have lost — her humanity. But then she began to rationalize the killing of the child who laid before her in a pile of human rubble. She claims that she could never kill one of her own children through abortion, but is unwilling to use her voice to stand in defense of other children targeted for destruction.

If you wouldn’t kill your own child, you shouldn’t tolerate the killing of any child. There’s no such thing as ‘personally pro-life’.

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