Rescuing Those Led To Slaughter

You were made to love and to be loved … Your goodness is greater than the difficulties of your situation. Circumstances in life change.  A new life, however tiny, brings the promise of unrepeatable joy.

— Red Rose Rescue message handed to mothers in abortion facility waiting rooms

Alcohol Abuse

Society is rightly horrified when a mother exposes her in utero baby to drugs and alcohol. We all know this hurts her baby’s body. Most of us would even consider it child abuse. So if we know drug exposure abuses the baby’s body, what on Earth do we think abortion does to the baby’s body?

— Sarah Cleveland

The Devastating Impact Of Abortion

One day in the car, my daughter (out of nowhere) asked if someday she would be able to see her siblings in Heaven. I asked her what she meant…honestly, hoping that she was not talking about my own two abortions. She said that she knew I had two abortions and she wanted to know if she would ever get to meet those babies because she said, “in my heart, I miss them.” I never knew I would pass that sort of heartbreak on to my children.

When I had my abortions, I never thought about how it would affect others. I didn’t think about my future children. I never thought about how I would have to explain my selfishness to them.

My abortions live in me, and unfortunately, they live in them.

— Ashley Granger

The Foundation Of Abortion

That is why the Constitution called us three-fifths human and then whites further dehumanized us by calling us “niggers.” It was part of the dehumanizing process. The first step was to distort the image of us as human beings in order to justify that which they wanted to do and not even feel like they had done anything wrong. Those advocates of taking life prior to birth do not call it killing or murder, they call it abortion. They further never talk about aborting a baby because that would imply something human. Rather they talk about aborting the fetus. Fetus sounds less than human and therefore can be justified.

— Jesse Jackson, Civil Rights Activist

Pulling A Baby Apart

Second trimester abortions…[are] much more difficult and riskier for the mom, hence the limited number of us who actually do them. They are also unpleasant, because the procedure (dilation and evacuation, D&E) involves pulling out the baby in pieces.

— Pregnant abortionist, wishing to remain anonymous, describes ripping babies apart in an interview with Think Atheist

Victim Blaming

Saying we should kill babies because they might have a bad life, or because their mother might harm, neglect, or abuse them is like saying we should kill women so they don’t get raped. You don’t kill the victim to prevent a crime.

— Amanda Reid

Collapsing Culture

The scissors would be important to make an incision at the base of the skull, but I don’t use suction. I use my finger to disrupt the contents of the cranial cavity, to thereby collapse the skull and allow delivery of the fetus.

— Marilynn C. Frederiksen, abortionist, in sworn testimony in National Abortion Federation, et. al. v. Ashcroft, U.S. District Court, Southern District of New York, April 6, 2004

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