Special Needs


people with disabilities often can’t support themselves and rely on the system to care for them. And then ppl fight for laws about others being too dependent on the govt. Society needs to take better care of disabled. Not just protect their birth.


Preventing children who are prenatally diagnosed with disabilities from being ripped apart while still alive is taking care of them. People like you, who support killing children in the womb, including the disabled, have no moral authority to speak on their behalf after they are safely born. You won’t find one member of the pro-life community who would advocate for abandoning the disabled by removing their safety net, including me.

Abortion is a savage act of violence against an innocent child. When that child is targeted for destruction because they have special needs, the depravity of that violence is only compounded.

This Child Will Not Die Today

Watch the video that saved this child’s life.


Hey. First of I guess I have to say that I’m a pro choice and nothing will ever change that. Then of course I’m against ppl who misuse their rights. Anyways… so I’m pregnant and my BF left me and my 5 y/o son and I’ve been dealing with the question to keep or not to keep. I’ve been worried about if I will be able to take care of 2 kids on my own and if I will make it financially etc. Where I live we can legally make an abortion up to the 18th week in our pregnancy… And I guess I never really knew how much the foetus develops these weeks. All I remember from my pregnancy is that it looked like a little spot in week 7. Anyways so my doctors told me i had to decide today (it’s 4.51am here) and I tried to gather information bc I wanted to know what the little human looked liked. So I came across your video of a 17 week old foetus being aborted and it broke my heart. And suddenly it was so easy to decide that I wanna keep it. So thank you for showing the reality, you never really being told the naked truth while talking about abortion. And that video def changed my way of thinking.


Congratulations to you and both of your precious children. Instead of blindly and willfully believing the lies of the abortion industry, you knew the child you are carrying deserved nothing less than the truth and you sought out that truth. For that, you are a hero. I know you love your five year old son more than anything else in this world and I know you will love the child you are cradling in your womb just as much.

Ultrasound 18 Weeks

Your story hits home for me. My mother was in your exact situation in 1973. Sadly, she didn’t have access to websites like mine back then, and believed the ‘clump of cells’ lie. I was three years old when she became pregnant and was abandoned by her boyfriend. The United States Supreme Court had just stripped American prenatal children of their human rights with their unjust Roe v. Wade decision and my young misguided mother decided to end my baby sister’s life at fourteen weeks. I’m only here because I was conceived and born shortly before Roe v. Wade and was protected by the law. I had to grow up as an only child, never knowing the love and friendship of my little sister. In honor of her, I would like to dedicate your child’s life to her memory. She is why I fight so hard to save children like yours. She is why you found that video this morning.

You held on to something almost as precious as your child today. You held on to your humanity. My mother has been utterly devastated by her ‘choice’ for many years and would do anything in this world to turn back time and do what a mother should always do — protect the life of her child. You will never regret the decision you made today and I’m so very proud of you. I only wish there had been someone like me to save my sister’s life. Your son may never know how close he came to losing his sibling, but they will forever change his life for the better.

If you need any help caring for your children, please contact me. I will ensure you have the resources you need to protect and nurture your family. If you set up an online baby registry, I’ll share it with the world and your human family will come through for you. Also, please reach out to your local pregnancy resource center and government aid programs. You are not alone!

Learn more about my little sister.

Planned Parenthood Toddler ‘Services’


Do you ever consider those who really don’t want to be pregnant will do anything not to be? That isn’t some fiction; that was actually a reality before abortion was legalized; people actually doing it themselves.


Did you ever consider that sometimes those who really don’t want to be a parent anymore will do anything not to be? That isn’t some fiction. Mothers and fathers actually kill their toddlers every year. Would you propose making it legal since it’s going to happen anyway? Should Planned Parenthood start offering toddler ‘services’?

Mother Kills Children

Just because something will happen anyway doesn’t mean it should be legalized. Imagine the kind of world we would live in if we adopted your logic.

Babies Who Never Cry


What about anencephalic babies? Do you hate women who abort them? Babies who will never cry or feel ANYTHING or even be conscious for crying out loud? Would it really be better for women to carry them to term, get attached and watch the baby die? That is so cruel.


First of all, I do not hate women. I do despise the depraved act of abortion and by default I despise the fact that some mothers take advantage of an unjust law to kill their children while cradled in their womb.

A child afflicted with the anencephaly neural tube birth defect is born without the cerebral cortex or a cerebellum but do have a brain stem that allows for breathing, heartbeat, and other basic autonomic functions. The occurrence of this defect is .001 percent.Grayson James Walker AnencephalyPlease watch this memorial to Grayson James Walker who was born with anencephaly. As you can see from this video, Grayson touched not only his family, but the entire world. He made a difference by showing that every human life matters. Can you say you have impacted the world like Grayson did? No foot is too small to make an imprint on this world.

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A Baby In A Blender


I’m a lesbian. However, I have watched my straight and bisexual friends LOSE EVERYTHING because they were unable to have abortions. Many of my friends were forced to drop out of college. They had to take care of kids and work awful jobs while their ex-boyfriends got to continue school. Women are more important than clumps of cells. I had to watch an abortion for an internship at a health center. It looks like what comes out of my vagina every month (red blood). You are a misogynist and a liar!


You say your friends lost everything. Did they lose their lives? If they had been aborted, that’s exactly what would have happened. I notice you use dehumanizing terms when referring to your fellow human beings passing through a stage of life you once passed through. You do this to disconnect yourself from the reality of what you support — the destruction of innocent human life.

I’m going to assume you watched a child being killed at six or seven weeks following their conception. The method used to destroy these human beings is called vacuum aspiration. A cannula is inserted into the womb and the living baby is suctioned through a small tube under high pressure. This has the same effect as placing that baby in a high speed blender, resulting in what looks like a thick frothy red liquid.

Protecting little prenatal boys and girls doesn’t make me a misogynist or a liar, it makes me human.

Unthinkable Truth


I’m pro-life and I was wondering what should we (society) do to help unwanted pregnancies not happen because without unwanted pregnancies happening then there wouldn’t be any abortions. I’m asking this because most pro-lifers are religious and they think that remaining abstinent before marriage is the way to go (and it’s not).


As I suspect you know, I’m not religious in the slightest. I fight the killing of prenatal children for one simple reason: it’s wrong. Everyone innately knows this, but some choose to delude themselves in an effort to avoid responsibility.

I agree with you that abstinence is not the answer. For abstinence to work on a large enough scale to end abortion, human nature itself must be changed and that’s not going to happen anytime soon (evolution is a glacial process). A little known fact is that six out of ten children who lose their lives to abortion are killed by mothers who already have at least one child, and many of those women are married. As you can see, remaining abstinent until marriage isn’t going to help much. Sadly, nearly half of the children conceived in America are unwanted by their mothers, and about forty percent of those children are killed.

Ultimately, you are asking the wrong question. What we should be asking is how do we, as a society, learn to value every human being as an equal, equally deserving of human rights. We will never end unplanned pregnancies, which is another way of saying unplanned children, so we must end the idea that the ‘unwanted’ members of our human family should die. This involves returning to a time when abortion wasn’t only illegal, but unthinkable.

How do we do this? We must fight tirelessly to educate those who have adopted the idea that their lives matter more than their own child’s life. We must push back with the reality of what abortion is and what it does to living human beings. And we must do this with the same passion we would exhibit if these people were advocating for killing their toddlers. In other words, we must shift the culture by speaking the truth, even when that truth is difficult for some to hear.

Preventing Child Abuse


As a pregnant woman, you completely disgust me. I am financially and emotionally ready for my babies, whereas a lot of other girls are not. Who are YOU to say what a woman should and shouldn’t do? I have a stable life to raise my children, but some might not. How do you know that baby will not be abused, or neglected if it was kept? And adoption is a option, but unadopted children who were in the system are four times more likely to commit suicide. You shouldn’t comment on shit.


As a pregnant mother, you should understand why killing a prenatal child disgusts me. What I can’t understand is how it doesn’t disgust you. How can you tolerate the barbaric dismemberment of children like yours? Children who are utterly innocent and completely dependent on their human family to protect and nurture them.

You raised the issue of child abuse, claiming that because a prenatal child might experience abuse someday that we should instead abuse them to the point of killing them. Abortion either involves poisoning a child, sucking them through a high pressure tube, or manually ripping their arms and legs off before crushing their skull. Abortion is the ultimate child abuse.

Imagine if you were walking by your neighbor’s house and smelled the unmistakable scent of burning flesh. As you walk up to their home you notice through the window that a woman is pressing her toddler’s hand against a red hot stove.

Toddler Burn

Would you feel compelled to tell her what she should and shouldn’t do? In fact, the government would take that child away from her in order to protect that child. You see, it’s every adult’s responsibility to protect children. I work to protect them through every stage of life, not just the stages that occur after birth.

By the way, post-abortive women are six times more likely to commit suicide than women who give birth to their children. Maybe you are the one who shouldn’t comment on things you haven’t thought through.

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