Euthanizing Newborns


Hi I LOVE your blog and I was wondering… I’m pretty sure you were rooting for Donald trump to win the presidency. Which I thought was strange because he wants to defund planned parenthood & other than abortions (which I’m against), planned parenthood (supposedly) provides birth control to low income women & I remember you saying that you were fine with birth control… is there something that planned parenthood isn’t telling us or what?


When given the choice between someone like Hillary Clinton, who champions for the destruction of human life through all nine months of prenatal development, and Donald Trump, who champions for the protection of human life, the choice was clear. President Trump has put his words into action by banning the use of United States taxpayer funding for overseas abortions by restoring the Mexico City Policy, redirecting funding away from the pro-abortion United Nations Population Fund, and by nominating Senate confirmed pro-life Justice Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court. He is currently working to defund Planned Parenthood, the largest destroyer of human life in the world.

Yes, Planned Parenthood provides low cost contraception, but so do thousands of other publicly funded health centers throughout the United States that don’t kill prenatal children. Sadly, because of their lack of respect for human life, Planned Parenthood also provides abortifacient birth control and drugs designed to actively kill human beings after they have been conceived. Planned Parenthood falsely claims that abortion is only 3% of what they do to human beings. Does cheap birth control justify keeping their doors open?

Consider this scenario: If killing newborns was legal and a pediatric clinic claimed that euthanizing newborns was only 3% of the services they provided, would you want your tax dollars supporting their efforts to kill those children? I suspect you would want the entire clinic not only defunded, but also permanently closed to protect human life. I suspect you would want your tax dollars to go to pediatric clinics that don’t kill children. Planned Parenthood must not only be defunded, it must be destroyed along with all other human slaughterhouses. We must restore the idea that all lives matter equally, no matter their size, location, level of dependency, or degree of wantedness. Only then can America restore her promise of Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.

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The Real Reason For Late-Term Abortion


Do you not realize that people who are getting abortions at six months are not doing it for fun? That potentially the fetus is dying or dead and that is jeopardizing the mother’s health. Or maybe the fetus has no guarantee of life after birth because of some serious fatal defect. Are you serious that someone who gets an abortion for that reason is a murderer too?


Sadly, the real reason mothers kill their children at six months and beyond is rooted in pure selfishness. The vast majority of late-term abortions are committed against children with Down syndrome, spina bifida, cleft palate, deformed limbs, and cystic fibrosis, all conditions that millions are currently living with. By the time the amniocentesis or ultrasound diagnosis is complete and the condition is confirmed, these children have reached their late second or third trimester of life. They are killed because they aren’t the model of perfection their parents are seeking.

Surrogate PregnancyWe have made human life a disposable commodity, just like everything else we touch. Parents don’t want the ‘burden’ of caring for a child with special needs, so they take advantage of legalized murder. If it’s illegal to kill a teenager with a disability, why should it be legal to kill a prenatal child with a disability? This has NOTHING to do with the selfish refrain of ‘my body my choice’, and everything to do with targeting the disabled for extermination. Abortion is the ultimate form of ableism.

Pro-Life Blogging Advice


I’m 13 years old and I want to start blogging about how wrong abortion is so do you have any advice?


Thank you for your interest in defending the lives of our prenatal children. I’m encouraged by your desire to take a stand for others. Your generation is known as Generation Z, or the iGeneration, and must fight against the ideology propagated by many of the members of Generation X (Gen X) and Generation Y (Millennials). Their ideology is founded on the belief that some lives matter less, something you clearly disagree with. In fact, their misguided belief that abortion is the great equalizer has killed one-fourth of your generation.


So how can the iGeneration, so named because your cohorts were born firmly rooted in the age of the internet, affect change?

Embrace Social Media. As you know, your generation, as well as Millennials, are practically one with their smartphones, having evolved into a quasicyborg. As a digital immigrant, I have leveraged this reality to reach the often unreachable. I use my blog as a launch point to seed various social media platforms, usually through automation. Use a hosting service such as WordPress for your blog. I started with Tumblr, but their staff is vehemently pro-abortion and my blog was eventually deleted, a clear sign that I was effective. Registering your own will prevent this from happening to you.

Leverage Technology. It’s becoming harder and harder to deny the humanity of prenatal human beings given the advancements in ultrasound imaging technology. The ubiquitous nature of smartphones with embedded cameras are providing a peek behind the curtain at abortion facilities. Seek out and share these images and videos far and wide. Don’t forget to tag everything you post with related, and sometimes unrelated, hashtags. This forces those who choose to ignore the reality of abortion to confront it. Yes, they will likely block you, but at least you seared the image in their mind.

Confront Evil. I show no mercy for mothers who have killed their children in the womb and use the story of their child’s death in an attempt to destigmatize abortion. This confuses both sides of the debate. The pro-life side, often squeamish about confrontation, especially with post-abortive mothers, will admonish you. The pro-abortion side will attempt to destroy you. They will throw everything they have at you to silence you because they know that their only hope is destigmatization. Once the majority of society accepts abortion as the equivalent of having a tooth pulled, all is lost. Don’t let that happen.

Love Them Both. Abortion advocates love to spread the myth that the pro-life community only cares about prenatal children, ignoring the plight of their mothers and turning their backs on these same children after their birthday. Nothing could be farther from the truth, but you will have to prove it to them. Use your blog to advocate for pregnant mothers struggling to make ends meet. Post links to resources they can take advantage of to provide for themselves and their children, inside and outside of the womb.

Be Unafraid. The internet is full of cute and innocuous memes supporting the pro-life view. These are quickly and widely shared, but they hide the reality of what abortion is and what it does to innocent prenatal children. Although you should occasionally share them to build followers, you must focus on shining the bright light of the unfiltered truth. Showing the results of abortion on the bodies of its victims is hard to stomach, but essential to ending its practice. To understand why this is critical, learn about Emmett Till.

Be Unashamed. You will be relentlessly attacked wherever and whenever you speak up for those scheduled to die today. Those who champion for the right to kill prenatal children are faced with the impossible task of defending the indefensible. When confronted by someone willing to hold a mirror up to their ideology, showing them who and what they have become, they invariably resort to ad hominems and censorship.

Be Unrelenting. This is a war, not a battle. Wars are won through a series of battles, some won, some lost. The key is resilience and persistence. It took hundreds of years to end the practice of slavery in the United States. All along the way there were abolitionists like us advocating for the rights of the enslaved. Eventually, their efforts built toward a crescendo, and its practice was ended. It’s my heartfelt belief that abortion will end within our lifetime — hopefully within mine, not yours. In other words, never give up!

I hope you understand how difficult this path is to walk, and I also hope you know how necessary it is. We’re not just fighting for each individual child, we’re fighting for our collective humanity and a better future for Generation Next.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”

What Is The Purpose Of Life?


If we are a product of unguided natural selection, then why should we care if humans survive? There’s no purpose to life if Darwinian evolution is to be believed. So why bother supporting a moral ‘ought’ if determinism reigns supreme?


The entire purpose of evolution is to adapt to changes in our environment to gain and maintain the ability to survive. Abortion runs counter to that purpose on several levels. A belief in a supernatural afterlife is unnecessary to have purpose. Our true afterlife is contained within our progeny. Destroying them destroys our purpose: to learn, adapt, teach, and improve ourselves to improve our future generations. Consider the purpose of developing an iPhone 7 when there was already an iPhone 6. What we create is a reflection of what we are. Simply stated, our purpose is to become better than we are today. If we don’t survive, we cannot realize our purpose.

You see, it’s not about you, it’s about them (our future generations). You are surviving by passing along your genes. Each of us are ultimately individual cells belonging to the organism ‘homosapiens’. Your individual body works the same way. Billions of cells die each day and billions are created, and your body continues to exist. Your body’s existence is their purpose. Once again, our purpose is to sustain the ‘body’ of our species and improve it along the way. Think of all we owe those who came before us and innovated because they survived.

Whether we end abortion to increase our chances of survival or we end it because it’s morally wrong, the end result is the same. We continue to meet our purpose to sustain the ‘body’ of our species.

Invest In The Truth


Cool blog. I like how you post links to your sources. That shows a high level of education. This way the reader can choose for themselves if they want to go and dive in further. Could you please post a link to a site where you get your info? I would like to research it more.


I don’t rely on any specific site to gather information. I simply research the issues and apply critical reasoning. For example, my post on capital punishment and it’s correlation to a culture tolerant of legal abortion required several hours of research involving many viewpoints and statistics. My answer to a biologist regarding monozygotic twins is another example where the dedicated pursuit of the truth exposed others to a new perspective.

Only the truth can change minds on deeply held convictions, therefore I am willing to invest the time to uncover that truth. In other words, knowledge is power.

A Protector of Mothers and Children


Do not refer to fetuses as children. You are NOT a doctor or a protector of mothers or children. Stay away from women and their right to their bodies. What a shameful life you have.


To you, my life may be shameful, but to others, my life is why they have theirs. There are literally people alive today because I fought for them in the womb. And their children and their children’s children will all know the beauty of our world because I took a stand in their defense.

HD Ultrasound

I’ve helped pregnant mothers and postpartum mothers by directly purchasing baby items for them, including cribs, diapers, bottles, strollers, toys, and clothes. I’ve also hosted online baby showers and purchased gift cards for financially challenged mothers. I’ve supported pregnancy resource centers through volunteer work and through donations. I’ve also helped draft legislation to protect disabled children from being targeted for abortion. If these actions define a shameful life, I wear that label with pride.

Minority Report Abortion


while i admire your arguments and the world you seek to see become reality where no violence or crime is committed, it unfortunately won’t realistically happen because we are human and humans are flawed and fragile and pass down our previous world’s ideologies into the next one. i have a question for you: if you knew a certain unborn baby would unfortunately become a sociopath who would go on to brutally murder hundreds of people, no matter what you or anyone did, what would you feel and say?


First, I disagree with your pessimistic outlook. We can absolutely change the world for the better. This is always accomplished by those who are crazy enough to believe they can, and I count myself among this group.

To answer your Minority Report hypothesis and its allusion to abortion, yes, I would kill this child. Why? It’s simple, really. There are only two instances where killing another human being is justified: in defense of yourself or in the defense of others. Since you stipulated that nothing could be done to change the outcome, killing this person before they could kill hundreds of others would be justified. Let me elaborate. When a police officer kills an assailant who is trying to kill him, he is exonerated. When a police officer kills an assailant who is trying to kill others, he is exonerated. Your scenario only extends the time horizon between when the assailant is killed to protect the lives of others. Killing a person in the process of shooting school children is no different than killing that same person in the womb if we knew what they were going to do and there was no way to stop them ahead of time. In fact, killing them prior to the crime would save even more lives.

Of course, your hypothesis is fantasy and has no basis for the killing of prenatal children in the real world. I only entertained answering it because it demonstrates the difference between killing for convenience (elective abortion) and killing out of absolute necessity (self defense and the defense of others). No one has the right to intentionally take an innocent life, therefore, here in the real world, no one should have the right to abort a child.

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