A Protector of Mothers and Children


Do not refer to fetuses as children. You are NOT a doctor or a protector of mothers or children. Stay away from women and their right to their bodies. What a shameful life you have.


To you, my life may be shameful, but to others, my life is why they have theirs. There are literally people alive today because I fought for them in the womb. And their children and their children’s children will all know the beauty of our world because I took a stand in their defense.

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I’ve helped pregnant mothers and postpartum mothers by directly purchasing baby items for them, including cribs, diapers, bottles, strollers, toys, and clothes. I’ve also hosted online baby showers and purchased gift cards for financially challenged mothers. I’ve supported pregnancy resource centers through volunteer work and through donations. I’ve also helped draft legislation to protect disabled children from being targeted for abortion. If these actions define a shameful life, I wear that label with pride.

Minority Report Abortion


while i admire your arguments and the world you seek to see become reality where no violence or crime is committed, it unfortunately won’t realistically happen because we are human and humans are flawed and fragile and pass down our previous world’s ideologies into the next one. i have a question for you: if you knew a certain unborn baby would unfortunately become a sociopath who would go on to brutally murder hundreds of people, no matter what you or anyone did, what would you feel and say?


First, I disagree with your pessimistic outlook. We can absolutely change the world for the better. This is always accomplished by those who are crazy enough to believe they can, and I count myself among this group.

To answer your Minority Report hypothesis and its allusion to abortion, yes, I would kill this child. Why? It’s simple, really. There are only two instances where killing another human being is justified: in defense of yourself or in the defense of others. Since you stipulated that nothing could be done to change the outcome, killing this person before they could kill hundreds of others would be justified. Let me elaborate. When a police officer kills an assailant who is trying to kill him, he is exonerated. When a police officer kills an assailant who is trying to kill others, he is exonerated. Your scenario only extends the time horizon between when the assailant is killed to protect the lives of others. Killing a person in the process of shooting school children is no different than killing that same person in the womb if we knew what they were going to do and there was no way to stop them ahead of time. In fact, killing them prior to the crime would save even more lives.

Of course, your hypothesis is fantasy and has no basis for the killing of prenatal children in the real world. I only entertained answering it because it demonstrates the difference between killing for convenience (elective abortion) and killing out of absolute necessity (self defense and the defense of others). No one has the right to intentionally take an innocent life, therefore, here in the real world, no one should have the right to abort a child.

Intolerable Evil is Being Tolerated


All five million unborn babies alive in America today can be killed tomorrow, legally and unstoppably, on the whim of their mothers.

This is the truth of the genocide of abortion in America today. The strong legally kill the weak, the powerful kill the defenseless, older people have the authority to kill younger people if it is their “choice”. The entire generation of individual, unique, completely innocent living human beings is targeted for extermination and has been for 44 years. 60 million have been murdered since 1973, more than 3,000 per day in the USA.

Who can comprehend the depths of intolerable evil of this vicious slaughter in America today? The government approves it and funds it. One million mothers pay blood money to choose it every year. Medical professionals execute it. The mothers commit murder and the babies are murdered with little resistance from Americans.



Sadly, even as more and more Americans awaken to the cruel reality of abortion, it will take several more years and several million more dead children before we eradicate this cancer from our culture. Throughout America’s history, her laws and her courts have enabled atrocities such as slavery, segregation, political internment, and forced sterilization. As shameful as this history is, it provides hope, for every one of these wrongs were eventually made right. Just as the wrong of legalized human abortion will someday be made. As long as there are people like us willing to fight for the lives of the weak and the defenseless, there is hope.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”

Exposing the Truth About Abortion

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Hey buddy, your pictures are going to mentally effect people who may have needed a necessary abortion (compared to what you say, that is a case for quite a few people) and also people who miscarried. You shouldn’t post gore.


Abortion is NEVER necessary. From the Dublin Declaration on Maternal Healthcare:

As experienced practitioners and researchers in obstetrics and gynaecology, we affirm that direct abortion – the purposeful destruction of the unborn child – is not medically necessary to save the life of a woman.

We uphold that there is a fundamental difference between abortion, and necessary medical treatments that are carried out to save the life of the mother, even if such treatment results in the loss of life of her unborn child.

We confirm that the prohibition of abortion does not affect, in any way, the availability of optimal care to pregnant women.

Fact: Over 97% of abortions are committed by healthy mothers carrying healthy children conceived during consensual sex with a willing partner, both fully aware of how human reproduction works.

You claim that a mother who miscarried her child would be mentally affected. I don’t think so. Mothers who know their preborn children were actual human beings don’t want to see them destroyed on demand and without apology. They know that the truth about abortion must be told. It’s only those who live in delusion that want the truth buried. I won’t let that happen.

Showing the victims of human atrocities is the only way to effectively educate others to the reality of their advocacy. I challenge you to visit the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and tell them to remove their images of mangled human beings. I suspect they will leave them exactly where they are for very good reasons.

Thou Shalt Not Kill?


Hi there! I notice you like to make people feel like shit! I just wanted to let you know I got an abortion at almost for months (wow can you believe I didn’t know the WHOLE time) and there is not a day that I regret it. I will never regret it. Being prolife is being a terrorist. Pretty much everything thing on your page is utter bullshit which is pretty pathetic. I hope one day you see you’re doing satan’s work and turn to god for forgiveness. Prolife is pro torture.


What you meant to say is that you killed your own son or daughter who was about to reach their fourth month of life like this child did…

Fetus 14 WeeksYou see, being pro-life is not an act of terrorism, ripping a baby apart is. By the way, I’m an atheist and follow no deity. You might want to take your own advice and seek forgiveness for killing your child. If I’m not mistaken, one of your God’s commandments is “Thou shalt not kill”.

The Ultimate Child Abuse


You disgust me! Who looks after the babies and provides them love when they are born? Traffickers, child abusers, people that want to procreate for money? I bet you idiots voted for Trump!


The measure of disgust is relative. Here’s what abortion does to the innocent children you are so worried about being abused…

aborted baby

It’s clear that abortion is the ultimate child abuse. You support the killing of millions of prenatal children because a tiny fraction may experience hardships later in life. You support the Final Solution for unwanted human beings, something someone else once championed. If you continue to hold these views, you will forever remain on the wrong side of history.

And yes, a vote for President Elect Trump was a vote to end this atrocity. A vote for Hillary Clinton was a vote to continue it.

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Delivering a Persuasive Speech


I’m doing a persuasive speech on a policy of how abortion should be abolished even in cases of rape and incest. What type of main points do you suggest I do it on? I also need to do an audience analysis that asks my audience 5 questions a few days before the speech. Any suggestions on what questions I could ask?


Main points…

1. The manner of one’s conception does not determine the value of one’s life.

2. If killing a toddler who was conceived through rape or incest is wrong, then killing that same child in the womb is wrong.

3. You very likely know someone conceived through rape but are unaware of how they were conceived.

4. Prior to the establishment of civilization and social norms, humans mated like other mammals — without the express consent of the female. Something we would consider rape today.

5. It is a near certainty that each of us are decedent from someone who was raped over the last few million years of evolution, making each of us the product of rape.

Audience questions…

1. Should prenatal children be protected by the law?

2. Were you or do you know anyone who was conceived through rape or incest?

3. Do you believe all human beings are created equal?

4. When do you believe your life began?

5. Do you consider yourself to be pro-life or pro-choice?

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