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Pregnant Life

A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words

Take a peek inside the womb...

/ October 20, 2017
Prenatal Care

Healthcare Is a Human Right, Right?

Do you believe prenatal care, like all healthcare, is a human right? Do you support having a well baby through all nine months of pregnancy?

/ October 9, 2017
Baby Due Date

The Language of Dehumanization

'Fetus' isn't a term for an object, it's a stage of human life. Abortion is a savage act of violence against an innocent child.

/ September 26, 2017
Brave Mother

We’re All in This Together

We're all in this together. Learn how to be brave...

/ September 24, 2017
Pregnant Cat

My Body, My Choice?

If you doubt that abortion kills prenatal children, take a look at the scar on your abdomen. That's where your umbilical cord once sustained YOUR life...

/ September 23, 2017
Maternity Fashion

Maternity Fashion for Mother and Child

This maternity fashion shows the humanity of both mother and child.

/ September 12, 2017
Pregnancy 24 Weeks

This Is Not a Difficult Concept

This little boy points out an obvious truth that many find difficult to understand.

/ August 27, 2017
Twins 12 Weeks

A Week by Week Look at Your Early Childhood

American children can be legally killed on demand in most states up to 24 weeks of life...

/ August 12, 2017
Pregnancy Stages

Pregnancy Week by Week

The first few months of pregnancy are marked by rapid changes for both you and your baby...

/ September 9, 2015
Pregnancy Love

Amazing Joys and Incredible Challenges

I love you more than anything in this world...

/ November 14, 2013