Abortion Is Discrimination


This Baby Could Have Been Killed

Abortion Counseling

This child was the same child while awaiting his birth. Why, America, do we allow them to be slaughtered?

Getting The Facts Straight

Abortion Lie Quote

What’s Wrong With This Picture?

Ultrasound Comparison

The ultrasound on the left is from Planned Parenthood while the ultrasound on the right is from a Pregnancy Resource Center. Notice how Planned Parenthood is trying to hide the humanity of the child they want to kill? Also notice how they are measuring the child’s head. This determines the procedure they will use to kill them. It’s time to shut down this human slaughterhouse.

Will you help protect these children?

Admiring The Art Of Life

Pregnancy Scupture

Each of the children shown in this image were once carried by their mothers in the their wombs. Just as alive and just as worthy of their protection then as now. Sadly, many in our society are incapable of valuing what they cannot see or touch. Imagination and curiosity are human traits that must be suppressed to embrace the idea that a child should be killed prior to their birth. The use of art makes this position untenable.

Visit the cultureshift Art of Life Gallery to learn more.

Love Begins On The Inside

My Mommy Loves Me

Will You Fight For Life?

Shifting a culture enamored with the selfish pursuit of denying life to their most vulnerable members is a full time job. We must never rest until the work is done. Creating a world where all members of the human family are finally equal requires each of us to love both mother and child, ensuring that our first priority is in defense of the defenseless. None of us can do everything, but each of us can do something. It’s time to play your part.

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