My Body, My Choice?

Pregnant Cat

Those in favor of abortion routinely claim that what abortion kills isn’t human, much less a human being. Any thinking person knows this is a delusion crafted to hide the horrific truth about abortion. If you doubt that abortion kills prenatal children, take a moment to look at the scar on your abdomen. That’s where your umbilical cord once attached you to your mother’s uterus, sustaining YOUR life.

It’s easy to advocate for the killing of others who are awaiting their turn at birth now that you’ve been safely born. When you’re done looking at that scar, take a hard look at yourself. You may be living on the wrong side of history, but you don’t have to die there. Put your philosophy into action and finally take a stand for true human equality.

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Help Ireland Protect Her Young

Ireland 8th Amendment

The LoveBoth Project promotes the protection of mother and baby in pregnancy and highlights the many people alive today because of Ireland’s 8th Amendment.

The State acknowledges the right to life of the unborn and, with due regard to the equal right to life of the mother, guarantees in its laws to respect, and, as far as practicable, by its laws to defend and vindicate that right.

LoveBoth campaigns for the support of pregnant mothers and works to build a more welcoming society for mothers and babies. This all starts with accepting that each human being, regardless of age, dependency, gender, disability, or circumstance, possesses a profound, inherent, equal, and irreplaceable value and dignity. LoveBoth is a movement. Join us.

The Truth About Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood Resist

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American’s Defending Children Arrested Today

In three different cities across the United States, pro-life Americans simultaneously entered abortion centers to talk to women scheduled to end their children’s lives, and by refusing to leave the clinics when told to do so by law enforcement, they offered an act of nonviolent defense of the prenatal children about to be aborted, resulting in their arrest.

Those standing in defense of the defenseless entered:

Once inside the clinics, small teams peacefully approached mothers seated in the waiting rooms and offered them red roses as a symbol of life. Attached to each rose was a card which on one side read,“You were made to love and to be loved … Your goodness is greater than the difficulties of your situation. Circumstances in life change.  A new life, however tiny, brings the promise of unrepeatable joy.” The card also contained phone numbers of local pregnancy help centers.

Red Rose Rescue Abortion Message

Those involved in the Red Rose Rescue talked to women scheduled for abortions, extending to them words of encouragement and offering material help. In addition to reaching out to the mothers, the rescuers chose to remain in the clinic as an act of solidarity with the children scheduled to be killed by their abortionists. The rescuers, like any others who recognize an urgent situation, responded to dire circumstances of imminent peril in a spirit of intervention on behalf of innocent babies and beleaguered mothers.

The Red Rose Rescue is modeled after the pro-life rescue activity of well-known Canadian activist Mary Wagner, who has repeatedly entered Toronto abortion centers and offered red roses to mothers waiting to have their children killed.

These rescues did not involve the blockading of abortion center entrances or the rooms where their children would be put to death. When police officers arrived on the scene, pro-lifers attempted to continue conversation with women or sat on the floor until they were placed under arrest.

Monica Migliorino Miller, director of Citizens for a Pro-Life Society who participated in the rescue at the Michigan clinic, explains:

The Red Rose Rescue is an act of charity for women who feel for whatever reason they must have their innocent prenatal children killed. Those who took part were willing to embrace risks for these women and their babies. We will go into the very places where the preborn are put to death and extend help to the moms. Should this help be refused—we will not leave the abortion centers but remain in solidarity with the helpless victims oppressed by the injustice of abortion. Saint Mother Teresa of Calcutta said that her work was “to go into the dark holes of the poor.” 

The Red Rose Rescue is an action of going into the dark holes of the poor–namely abortion centers–where the innocent are rejected–and in these dark holes we seek to bring hope, true peace and the presence of God.

Those involved in the Red Rose Rescue include two Catholic priests, Fathers Stephen Imbarrato and Fidelis Moscinski, arrested in Alexandria, VA; several veteran pro-life activists, such as Joan Andrews Bell; and pro-lifers from the millennial generation.

For additional Information please contact:

Sterling Heights, Michigan:

Mark Harrington, Created Equal,

Lynn Mills — Pro-life Michigan,

Alexandria, VA:

Fr. Stephen Imbarrato,

Albuquerque, NM:

Bud and Tara Shaver,

Learn how to fight for the rights of prenatal children in your own way. They desperately need your voice.

A Religious Right To Kill Babies?

The Satanic Temple

The Satanic Temple is challenging state laws across America designed to protect prenatal children from the brutality of human abortion. Though I am not religious, I find it revolting that any organization would actively seek to destroy innocent human life, especially in the name of a supernatural belief system.

Douglas Karpen Abortion

The evil of mankind expresses itself in many depraved ways, but none are as vile as ripping a living human baby from the safety of their mother’s womb. Killing prenatal children is not a human right, a religious right, nor a woman’s right. It’s simply wrong and we must do everything in our power to confront it.

Texas Will Survive!

Don't Mess With Texas

While Texas struggles to overcome the ravages of hurricane Harvey, don’t forget the littlest Texans. Please help them survive more than a hurricane by helping to restore their human rights.

Feminist Raises Money To Kill Hurricane Harvey Survivors

No matter how far into the abyss abortion plunges us, there always seems to be new depths to be charted. Feminist Bayetti Flores is using the tragedy of hurricane Harvey to heap even more tragedy on the human condition. Why, in this time of need, does her heart yearn to kill more human beings? Donating money to kill prenatal Texans is the last thing our human family needs.

Push back on this sad ideology and join the fight to save lives, not destroy them.

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