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Rainbow Babies

Beautiful Rainbow Babies Deliver Hope

Like a rainbow following a terrible storm, these children give their families a new hope for the future.

/ January 13, 2017
11 Week Miscarriage

Meet Ezekiel, A Once Living Human Being

This is Ezekiel and he lost his life through the tragedy of miscarriage after 11 short weeks of life.

/ December 17, 2016
14 Weeks Miscarriage

Baby Boy Tragically Miscarried at 14 Weeks

Phoenix was born right into his mother's hand after her water broke...

/ October 23, 2016
fetus in amniotic sac

A Beautiful Life Lost After 14 Short Weeks

Honor this child's life by awakening to the fact that you both shared something very precious...

/ August 31, 2016
Father Holding Miscarried Child

Clearly a Human Being Worthy of Protection

Why didn't this little girl possess human rights in the womb?

/ July 27, 2016
9 Week Miscarriage

Baby Vincent Marie

Photos like these reveal the humanity of prenatal children...

/ April 28, 2016
Hand Dripping Blood

Mother Posts Picture of Her Miscarried Child to Promote Abortion

The problem with legally condoning the killing of innocent human beings is that there is no bottom to the abyss...

/ March 28, 2016

Squirting Bleach into My Vagina

This child was lost to a mother who desperately wanted him...

/ May 5, 2015

stunningpicture: Nurses after a patient suffers a miscarriage. I wonder if they would be as devastated if this same mother had aborted her child. Question Human Abortion.

/ February 20, 2015
Miscarriage Rainbow Art

Struggling to Come to Terms With a Miscarriage

The loss of a family member is always hard...

/ September 2, 2014