Rescuing Those Led To Slaughter

You were made to love and to be loved … Your goodness is greater than the difficulties of your situation. Circumstances in life change.  A new life, however tiny, brings the promise of unrepeatable joy.

— Red Rose Rescue message handed to mothers in abortion facility waiting rooms

Babies Who Never Cry


What about anencephalic babies? Do you hate women who abort them? Babies who will never cry or feel ANYTHING or even be conscious for crying out loud? Would it really be better for women to carry them to term, get attached and watch the baby die? That is so cruel.


First of all, I do not hate women. I do despise the depraved act of abortion and by default I despise the fact that some mothers take advantage of an unjust law to kill their children while cradled in their womb.

A child afflicted with the anencephaly neural tube birth defect is born without the cerebral cortex or a cerebellum but do have a brain stem that allows for breathing, heartbeat, and other basic autonomic functions. The occurrence of this defect is .001 percent.Grayson James Walker AnencephalyPlease watch this memorial to Grayson James Walker who was born with anencephaly. As you can see from this video, Grayson touched not only his family, but the entire world. He made a difference by showing that every human life matters. Can you say you have impacted the world like Grayson did? No foot is too small to make an imprint on this world.

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A New Way To Bond With Your Child

3D Printed Ultrasound

This mother had her ultrasound brought to life using a 3D printer so she could touch the face of her child a few months early. This is a new and amazing way for both mother and father to connect with their prenatal child. Family begins in the womb.

How To Read A Pregnancy Test

Pregnancy Test Results

Sometimes a positive result on a pregnancy test can be scary. Look past your fears and protect the life you harbor by putting your philosophy into action.

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Will You Live Today?

Kitten Quotes

Of all the creatures on Earth, none are weaker and more defenseless than a prenatal child. Millions of people in the pro-life movement work tirelessly to protect them. And when they grow up to enjoy all of the beauty and challenges of life, they will never know who saved their life.

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You Will Never Be Forgotten

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My little sister was never born, she was aborted shortly after Roe v Wade stripped millions of American children of their right to life in 1973. She was killed not only by our misguided mother, she was killed by a society that turned its back on its ‘unwanted’ members. Our mother is now pro-life and deeply regrets buying into the belief that humans are disposable. I will forever be my sister’s voice and fight tirelessly to defend other children from her fate.

You will never be forgotten my precious little one and when the atrocity of abortion is finally ended, you will be a big part of the reason why.

There’s No Greater Love

True Love

There is no greater love than helping a struggling mother and child. Learn how to open your heart and defend the most vulnerable among us.

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