Chinese Beauty Pageant

China Belly Art

These Chinese mothers are showing off their beautiful babies. After all, nothing in this world is more beautiful than a mother with child. Embrace Life!

So Every Bunny Can Hatch

Happy Easter Baby

Every child conceived should have the right to hatch and know the love of their human family. Happy Pro-Life Easter!

An Amazing Moment Captured In The Womb

Ultrasound Twins Kissing

These little 25 week old twin girls, Isabella and Callie, stunned their mom and dad when they appeared to snuggle and share a kiss during a 4D ultrasound.

“Pregnancy is a beautiful thing to capture, especially when you get to see moments like this. It was hard not to be so thankful during this moment. I am legit so blessed and can’t wait to meet our two precious princesses,” said the girl’s mother, Carissa Gill.

As you gaze upon these beautiful children, remind yourself that it’s legal to kill children like them. Planned Parenthood and other abortion facilities would have made over $3,000 killing these babies. Sorry, Cecile Richards, these girls will not fall prey to your brand of feminism.

Fall In Love With Your Prenatal Child

Ultrasound Before And After

Visit notbornyet to learn how to fall in love….

Notbornyet is a space to explore the life issue in a relaxed, reasoned and respectful environment.

You will find personal stories about unplanned and crisis pregnancy, accurate information, practical support, and importantly, hope.

Notbornyet started out of concern that some women were making a rushed and irreversible decision, under pressure from others, while they were vulnerable, without all the facts about the short and long term consequences of their choice.

We are pro-woman and for-children.

Notbornyet is the campaign website of Emily’s Voice, a not-for-profit charity started to help Australians fall in love with the unborn, and encourage and support women with an unplanned or crisis pregnancy.

Protect Them Both

I'm With Both

Will You Lift A Finger To Help?

premie finger

Over 120,000 prenatal children are killed by their mothers each and every day. Without your voice, they will forever remain helpless while led to the slaughter. Nothing in this world is more important than protecting their lives. Learn how to raise your voice in their defense.

Happiness Lives Within

Baby Egg Toy

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