You Will Never Be Forgotten

Love Jewelry

My little sister was never born, she was aborted shortly after Roe v Wade stripped millions of American children of their right to life in 1973. She was killed not only by our misguided mother, she was killed by a society that turned its back on its ‘unwanted’ members. Our mother is now pro-life and deeply regrets buying into the belief that humans are disposable. I will forever be my sister’s voice and fight tirelessly to defend other children from her fate.

You will never be forgotten my precious little one and when the atrocity of abortion is finally ended, you will be a big part of the reason why.

There’s No Greater Love

True Love

There is no greater love than helping a struggling mother and child. Learn how to open your heart and defend the most vulnerable among us.

Her Life Always Mattered

Feeding The Homeless

Don’t believe the lie that the pro-life movement doesn’t care about people after they’re born. Pro-life is whole life.

Beautiful Butterflies and Babies

Beautiful Butterflies

Few things are more beautiful than a butterfly. One of those things is a pregnant mother carrying her precious child. Life — Embrace It!

Embrace The Life Of Your Precious Child

Pregnancy Announcement

Every child should be protected and nurtured by their mother, no matter what. Love conquers all.

A Mother’s Love In Action

Saint Gianna Molla

No parent has greater love for their child than one who would lay down their life in their defense. Parents should sacrifice for their children, not sacrifice their children.

Chinese Beauty Pageant

China Belly Art

These Chinese mothers are showing off their beautiful babies. After all, nothing in this world is more beautiful than a mother with child. Embrace Life!

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