How to Poison Your Child

Former abortionist, Dr. Anthony Levatino, explains “the abortion pill,” a non-surgical medical abortion committed during the first trimester. For education resources and to learn more about Dr. Levatino, visit Abortion

They Know What They Do

Abortion Stories

Late Term Abortion

Most people who support killing prenatal children deny what this abortionist has clearly articulated to the world. If you support abortion, own what you have become.

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Twins Before and After Abortion

Twin Pregnancy and Abortion

This is what a twin pregnancy abortion looks like. The little boys shown torn to pieces in the plastic bag were once precious living babies just like the siblings shown in the ultrasound. As you consider whether their lives mattered or not, remember that a ‘doctor’ did this to these boys at the bequest of their mother. A ‘doctor’ who took an oath to do no harm.

Abortion kills real living human beings. Never allow yourself to believe otherwise. After all, the proof is in the plastic.

Whenever we hear ‘pro-choice’ we must ask, and urge others to ask, ‘What choice are we talking about?’ If it’s abortion, the question is, ‘Do you think people should have the right to choose to kill children?’ By opposing abortion we are not opposing choice in general, we are opposing one choice in particular — child-killing.

— Randy Alcorn

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