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Human Beings are Killed Here

This disgusting facility is where children are poisoned. It is located in Wichita, Kansas, and targets minority mothers seeking to destroy their preborn children. Planned Parenthood is a scourge on the landscape of America. It represents the worst of our...

/ March 22, 2016

/ February 20, 2016

Do You Also Stand with Planned Parenthood?

The ideology that drove the Holocaust also drives human abortion. The idea that some humans are worth less than others is all that is wrong with the world. Reject this ideology and embrace the beauty and dignity of all human life.

/ January 25, 2016

Marching For Life Since 1974 – An Enduring Dedication to Human Equality

On January 22, 1974 thousands of pro-lifers participated in the first March for Life to stand up for the unborn. An inspiring rally was held as Members of Congress announced pro-life legislation and expressed their support for the pro-life cause....

/ January 22, 2016
Greek Parthenon

A People in Decline

In our time all Greece was visited by a dearth of children and general decay of population...

/ November 28, 2015

This Molecule Kills Children

This is the RU-486 (mifepristone) molecule. It causes a child’s placenta to break loose from the wall of their mother’s uterus, suffocating and starving them to death. Roussel Uclaf SA, the French pharmaceutical subsidiary of Hoechst AG, was the first...

/ September 2, 2015

When your grandchildren ask you what you did during the Abortion Holocaust, what will you tell them? Tell them you shook off your apathy and TOOK ACTION to bring the slaughter of preborn children to an end. What side of...

/ August 2, 2015

A Comparison Of Two Philosophies

This is a photo of the last public execution held in the United States of America, circa 1936. It demonstrates the dark heart of man, a heart that not only tolerates the killing of unwanted human beings, but celebrates it....

/ June 7, 2015

The Unsung Pro-Life Hero of Auschwitz by Laurel Recsetar Imagine one day you and your three children are arrested and taken from your home. Your two sons are each sent to labor camps to work in stone quarries. Two months...

/ May 29, 2015

Thousands of innocent human beings have died here. Poisoned and ripped apart while cradled in their mother’s womb. This place, along with abortion itself, must be relegated to the dustbin of history. Nazi gas chamber at Auschwitz – coincidence?

/ May 8, 2015