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Jewish Women Holocaust Pregnancy Experiments

Safely Killing Prenatal Children

Senator Leahy inadvertently highlights the fact that abortion is used to exploit women...

/ March 26, 2017
drive in movie history

The Depths of Human Depravity

The Killing of Prenatal Children as Entertainment This drive-in movie advertisement is from 1974, the year after the killing of prenatal children was legalized in the United States of America. This was a new low for America, a new low...

/ August 27, 2016

A common ideology

There’s a Holocaust Happening All Around You The ideology that drove the Holocaust is the same ideology that drives human abortion — the idea that some lives matter less. What is your silence allowing to happen all around you? Learn more.

/ August 25, 2016
ru-486 drug

FACT: We manufacture poison to kill our children

The dangerous RU 486 abortion drug has claimed the lives of over two million prenatal children in the United States since its approval at the end of the Clinton administration. According to CDC reports, about 16.5 percent of children killed by abortion...

/ August 21, 2016
united states holocaust museum

United States Abortion Memorial Museum

A Vision of the Future When we finally awaken to the horrific injustice and cruelty of human abortion, we must teach future generations a hallowed cry: “NEVER AGAIN”. Never again will we categorize a group of human beings as anything less...

/ August 19, 2016

Abortion euphemisms are lies used to hide a cruel truth

The following list of euphemisms are employed by the abortion industry to hide the truth about their barbaric practice… reduce the fetal calvarium = crush the baby’s skull disarticulate the fetus = twist the baby’s limbs from their torso reduce...

/ August 18, 2016
Nazi Shooting Baby

This Is Human Abortion

Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it...

/ May 21, 2016

A striking contrast between ideologies

The ideology that drove the Holocaust is the same ideology that drives human abortion: the idea that some lives matter less and that the weak should be destroyed by the strong.

/ April 18, 2016

/ April 5, 2016
abortion rights

Whatever your feelings, they are valid. We recommend you remind yourself of this daily as part of your recovery. Each day look in the mirror and tell yourself, “I am a good person and I am doing the best that I can.” — The FWHC packet on abortion aftercare

gmeerkitten: Let me tell you, this has been a fucking RIDE. And it’s not over yet. Every day I get new messages in my inbox, new reblogs on my posts. Every day, those notifications make me nervous. And EVERY SINGLE...

/ March 28, 2016