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Poor Fools Living with Disabilities

One must be perfect in mind and body to have a fulfilling life...

/ August 10, 2019

Protecting Every Child is Progressive

Prenatal children are human beings no matter how hard you try to dehumanize them...

/ May 18, 2019
Gay Pro-Choice

Gay Rights Hypocrisy

To be gay and 'pro-choice' is to say my group deserves basic human rights but 'that' group doesn't...

/ June 26, 2018
Down Syndrome Newborn


Killing a child because they carry an extra chromosome is an act of genocide...

/ June 13, 2018
Cam MacDonald Swimming

How Could I Be Anything but Pro-Life?

Our current path will rob us all of the opportunity to aid and learn from the struggles of others...

/ June 11, 2018
Down Syndrome Newborn

We’re Killing People Because They’re Different

There is no greater injustice in this world than killing an innocent child...

/ January 31, 2018
Down Syndrome Baby

Would You Exterminate Her?

In Iceland, every single baby—100 percent of all those diagnosed with Down syndrome—are aborted. There hasn’t been a baby with Down syndrome born in Iceland in the past five years.

/ November 20, 2017
Sofia Sanchez Down Syndrome

An Inspiration for All of Us

This is Sofia Sanchez, a beautiful little girl with Down syndrome who is proving that every life is worth living, no matter your circumstances.

/ September 17, 2017

The Real Reasons for Late-Term Abortion

The vast majority of late-term abortions are committed against children with minor disabilities...

/ March 28, 2017
World Down Syndrome Day

Every Child Is Precious

As we celebrate diversity, realize that nine out of ten children prenatally diagnosed with Down syndrome are targeted for extermination by abortion.

/ March 21, 2017