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En Caul Baby

En Caul Ex Utero ‘Fetus’

These children are unaware that they've been born...

/ March 27, 2018
Baby on Mother

His Body, His Choice

Suicide destroys your own body, abortion destroys someone else's...

/ March 13, 2018
Natural Birth

Person or Mere Fetus?

This human is still connected to their mother by their umbilical cord, drawing nutrients and oxygen from her body. Is this child a person or a fetus?

/ December 22, 2017
En Caul Birth

Along for the Ride

This little boy was only 29 weeks old and yet completely legal to kill in the United States while cradled in the womb. Only his current location grants him human rights.

/ December 2, 2017
Giving Birth

Birthing the Future

People constantly struggle with the meaning of life. It's quite simple, actually. The meaning of life is to...

/ October 29, 2017

Amazing Cesarean Birth

This child makes something crystal clear: abortion kills living human beings. Every human should possess human rights, no matter their age or location...

/ September 30, 2017
James Grayson Walker Anencephaly

Babies Who Never Cry

No foot is too small to make an imprint on this world. Learn more...

/ September 12, 2017
Birth Close Up

A Crowning Achievement

Human reproduction and childbirth is a miracle to behold and a right of passage to be cherished. Embrace life.

/ March 5, 2017
water birth

Elle’s Birth Story {Awesome Caul Homebirth} | Birth Without Fear

I was completely relaxed. With each breath I softly moaned with the knowledge that victory lay within my reach. We all chatted about the gender. About being so happy this baby would be born at home. The women gazed at...

/ April 28, 2016
breast feeding

The Birth of One and the Care of Another

There is no measure of success greater than that of a mother nurturing new human life, both inside and outside of the womb. None of us would be here without their love and dedication, whether they were our birth mothers or...

/ April 2, 2016