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All 26 Sutherland Springs Victims

Sutherland Springs Victims

There were 26 victims of the Sutherland Springs shooting. Here are their names…

  • Robert Scott Marshall 56
  • Karen Sue Marshall 56
  • Keith Allen Braden 62
  • Tara E. McNulty 33
  • Annabelle Renae Pomeroy 14
  • Peggy Lynn Warden 56
  • Dennis Neil Johnson, Sr. 77
  • Sara Johns Johnson 68
  • Lula Woicinski White 71
  • Joann Lookingbill Ward 30
  • Brooke Bryanne Ward 5
  • Robert Michael Corrigan 51
  • Shani Louise Corrigan 51
  • Therese Sagan Rodriguez 66
  • Ricardo Cardona Rodriguez 64
  • Haley Krueger 16
  • Emily Garcia (died at the hospital) 7
  • Emily Rose Hill 11
  • Gregory Lynn Hill 13
  • Megan Gail Hill 9
  • Marc Daniel Holcombe 36
  • Noah Holcombe 1
  • Karla Plain Holcombe 58
  • John Bryan Holcombe 60
  • Crystal Marie Holcombe (pregnant) 36
  • Carlin Brite Holcombe (prenatal child) 23 weeks

Notice that one of the victims was still living in their mother’s womb. If not for Texas law, this victim would have been erased by those among us who so desperately try to deny the humanity of prenatal children. Insanely, if Carlin Holcombe had been aborted, their death would have been celebrated as a human right instead of a human tragedy.

Please help restore the rights of those awaiting their turn at birth. It’s time to stop pretending that some humans aren’t human. Learn how

Only One Of These Lives Mattered To The World

Syrian Refugee

The child on the left was found washed up on a rocky bank following her death by abortion. The child on the right was found washed up on a sandy beach following his death at sea. The world was rightly outraged by the little boy’s death, yet indifferent to the little girl’s death. We live in a world where 55,900,000 children are killed every year by abortion. Our entire planet has become a killing field for our young, yet there’s no outrage, no backlash, no call to action. This silence is driven by our complete embrace of ourselves at the expense of those awaiting their turn at birth in what has become our greatest failing. Clinging to the idea that some lives matter less than others, we have stripped the human rights away from millions of prenatal human beings so that we, the born, can live as we please.

Both of these children were clearly human. Only one had human rights and only one was cried for. Will you awaken from your slumber and help protect every child? Without you, this holocaust will continue.

Aborting Prenatal Children Is Wrong

Leo Tolstoy

Abortion Is The Rejection Of Truth

All I have on my side are facts and science. And people hate facts and science!

— Leslie Knope

The Weapon Doesn’t Change The Crime

Coat Hanger Abortion

The question isn’t whether slaughtering a child should be ‘safe and legal’ or ‘dangerous and illegal’. The real question is whether we should be slaughtering children or protecting children. For the child being killed, there is no difference between a coat hanger and a curette. We can’t legalize murder and pretend it’s safe for all involved because someone always dies.

Haven’t You Always Deserved Love?

Baby Love Me Too

Can you think of a time in your life that you didn’t deserve love — or human rights? I can’t either.

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