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Adoption Is Love

Choose Love, Not Abortion

Most mothers facing the challenge of an unplanned pregnancy choose to abort their children instead of placing them for adoption. Learn why...

/ October 8, 2017
America Adopts

Every Child In The Womb Is Wanted By Someone

Only 2% of mothers facing an unplanned pregnancy place their children for adoption. The remaining 98% kill them through legalized abortion.

/ April 21, 2017
Abortion We Can Live Without It

Adoption, We Can Live With It

Would you have rather been placed for adoption or brutally slaughtered during an abortion? The choice is clear.

/ February 6, 2017
adoption grants

Did you know that there are 3 types of adoption grants available to you?

Learn how to fund the adoption of your future son or daughter.

/ September 20, 2016
adoption quotes
birth mother quotes
foster care adoption
birth mothers for life

/ June 2, 2016
abortion kills
adoption wishes