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A Guarantee of Personhood

The fetus’ right to life would then be guaranteed specifically by the 14th Amendment...

/ February 1, 2020

Abortion: A System of Subjugation

It is never acceptable to support a system which subjugates others...

/ January 24, 2020

Passing Harm Forward

The father harmed me, but I harmed the baby...

/ January 20, 2020

Feminist Sarah Norton Rails Against Abortion

Here we find that a husband has been procuring poison for his wife...

/ January 5, 2020

Laughing at Dead Children

You know how people say you can’t play God...

/ December 29, 2019

Ambivalence for Killing Babies

We have deluded ourselves into believing that people don't know that abortion is killing...

/ December 26, 2019

Should Nurses Be Forced to Kill Children?

You should never have to choose between a career and taking a life...

/ December 12, 2019

Roe v. Wade Was a Lie from the Start

I will take this burden to my grave...

/ December 2, 2019

Reassembling Human Rubble

There can be no doubt that abortion kills a human being...

/ November 19, 2019

Dave Chappelle Speaks the Horrific Truth

And if I'm wrong, then perhaps we're wrong...

/ November 3, 2019