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The Greatest Moral Problem

The greatest moral problem in society is the idea that you get to define what is human...

/ March 30, 2019

Infanticide Abortion

There is no difference between a first trimester, a second trimester, a third trimester abortion, or infanticide...

/ March 24, 2019

Narrating Abortion

The suction tip has now been applied to the body and the abortionist is exerting his traction on the child...

/ March 17, 2019

The Tears Kept Falling

I’d never been through pain like that before...

/ March 5, 2019

Insight of Genius

What is right is not always popular...

/ February 25, 2019

Motivated to Protect Children

Someone's helplessness or dependency should motivate us...

/ February 18, 2019

Acknowledging the Brutal Truth

The fetus is usually neglected entirely, becomes unimportant, nothing...

/ February 16, 2019

Morselating Babies

The girls in the operating room don’t exactly draw straws to go in with you...

/ February 9, 2019
President Trump State of the Union 2019

State of the Abortion Union

Let us work together to build a culture that cherishes innocent life...

/ February 6, 2019

Buying Success with Blood

No woman should have to buy success with the blood of her baby...

/ February 4, 2019