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Sperm Cells

Free Sex Education

Masturbation doesn't kill human beings...

/ July 24, 2013
Auschwitz Entry Sign

History’s Echo Falls on Deaf Ears

Abortion advocates routinely dehumanize the prenatal members of our human family...

/ July 24, 2013
Dark Clouds Storm

The Dark Clouds of Abortion

Poke your head through the dark clouds and let the sun warm your face...

/ July 22, 2013
Hand on Pregnant Belly

Playing the Morality Card

You played the morality card to make me look like a terrible human being...

/ July 17, 2013
Before and After Birth

The Personal Choice to Kill a Child

There is no moral distinction between a prenatal and a neonatal child...

/ July 16, 2013
Down Syndrome Baby

Targeting the Disabled for Abortion

Location, nor disability, should determine whether a child should live or die...

/ July 13, 2013
Nazi Germans

Hating Those Who Care the Most

People can and do change their minds...

/ July 13, 2013
Pregnant Belly Piercing

Harvesting Tissue from Babies

A woman’s body serves many purposes…

/ July 12, 2013
Foster Kids

Think Before You Speak

I spend a lot of time thinking about the killing of prenatal children...

/ July 11, 2013

Is Money More Important Than Human Life?

Do you value money more than life itself...

/ July 11, 2013