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Strength or Weakness

anonymous: Choosing to abort a child doesn’t mean the woman is “weak” no matter what the choice it should be up to them to decide and no matter what the outcome they are stronger than so so many. To choose...

/ September 1, 2016

Protecting Children

anonymous: so…. say I am a 16 year old girl…. and I am raped. I become pregnant against my will, still trying to survive high school, trying to map out the rest of my life, and now on top of...

/ August 23, 2016
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Vegan Hypocrisy

anonymous: Why do so many vegans support abortion? cultureshift: Vegans fight for the lives of innocent animals. How then, can a vegan so easily see innocent animals slaughtered in the womb? Humans are, after all, members of the animal kingdom.The truth...

/ July 2, 2016

The Value of Motherhood

anonymous: So do you believe a woman is only valuable to a man and society if they get pregnant and have a child? Because that’s really what your blog comes off as. cultureshift: Women are enormously valuable members of our...

/ June 26, 2016

Compare and Contrast

This comment references this post. anonymous: I’m pro-life, and what you’re doing is absolutely revolting. Have some respect. cultureshift: This is why the killing of preborn children has been legal for over forty years. People get extremely upset when fifty...

/ June 12, 2016
late-term abortion

Living With Oneself

anonymous: The things you post are horrible… How do you live with yourself? cultureshift: You fight to continue the slaughter of innocent living human beings. How do you live with yourself?

/ June 12, 2016

Making the World a Better Place

Life is not hard to define, it begins the moment that it can be taken...

/ June 12, 2016
late term abortion

Reconsidering Your Position

anonymous: So I get that you’re a troll blog, but could you possibly support a movement that is…oh I don’t know, non violent, or at least take responsibility for the violence you’ve enacted? cultureshift: I can assure you that my...

/ May 6, 2016
islamic terrorism

Abortion, Capital Punishment, and Terrorism

anonymous: Why do you seem to think it is perfectly okay to murder those considered terrorists and those on death row, whereas abortion is wrong? cultureshift: I oppose the death penalty for the same reason I oppose abortion. Both represent...

/ April 16, 2016

Seeking Therapy

anonymous: why don’t you get off the internet and go get the therapy you so desperately need? your actions are not the actions of a healthy rational adult. go get help. you need it. cultureshift: When the irrational slaughter of...

/ April 3, 2016