Choosing Life Over Elections

I would rather lose an election than be wrong on the issue of life...

/ April 28, 2020
Fetus and Skull

Hard Hitting Graffiti Pushes Back Against Abortion

There are many ways to fight for the lives of our young...

/ April 23, 2020
Warrior of God

Warriors of God Fighting the Abortion Wars

The people who are active on your website are cruel, harsh, and judgmental...

/ April 22, 2020
Baby on Board

Pregnancy Safety: Baby on Board

Protecting your baby during pregnancy is your first priority...

/ April 21, 2020
Fist Fight

Why You Should Never Give Up on Life

Listen very carefully to what I'm about to tell you...

/ April 16, 2020

Committing Multiple Abortions on the Same Mother

It makes my day to see a familiar face...

/ April 16, 2020
The Unborn Child

A Child’s Fate Determined by Abortion

No child should ever face the inhuman act of abandonment by abortion...

/ April 14, 2020

The Losers and Winners of the Abortion Debate

Understanding what words and ideas really mean shapes the outcome...

/ April 12, 2020
Abortion Regret

Hannah’s Story: Why I Changed My Mind About Abortion

All the fears I had ended up being just that, fears...

/ April 10, 2020

A Scientific Affirmation of Prenatal Human Life

The difference between the individual in its adult stage and in its zygotic stage is one of form, not nature...

/ April 9, 2020