Abortion Art

Life Matters at All Stages

Abortion strips away human dignity at every level...

/ May 31, 2021

I Admit Abortion is Wrong

You can kill a human being in many ways...

/ April 25, 2021
Roe v Wade Movie

Roe v. Wade: America’s Darkest Day

Gone is the promise of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness...

/ March 29, 2021
Placenta Art

The Amazing Placenta: Bridging Two Lives

This temporary organ separated you from your mother during your gestation...

/ February 27, 2021

Become a Pro-Life Activist

Witnessing the killing of a fellow human being will change you...

/ January 31, 2021
Primal Unity

The Primal Unity of Mother and Child

No closer relationship exists than a mother and child during pregnancy...

/ December 29, 2020

Madonna Recognizes the Humanity of Her Baby

I saw on the ultrasound a tiny living creature spinning around in my womb...

/ November 30, 2020
Expecting on Halloween

Flutter, Flutter Little Bat

Congratulations to all those February babies getting ready for Halloween...

/ October 30, 2020

A Painful Truth About Killing Babies

Some babies ripped apart by their abortionist experience excruciating pain...

/ September 28, 2020
Ruth Bader Ginsburg Injustice

The Injustice of Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Her death ushers in a new hope for true human rights equality...

/ September 20, 2020