Abortion 7-10 Weeks

Let the Victims Speak for Themselves

Relentlessly share the truth about abortion until it's unthinkable...

/ December 17, 2019

Should Nurses Be Forced to Kill Children?

You should never have to choose between a career and taking a life...

/ December 12, 2019
Organic Pregnancy Termination

Safe, Natural, and Effective Pregnancy Termination

This incredible method will safely end your pregnancy with absolute certainty...

/ December 11, 2019
Gravid Aborto

The Articles of Life

Abortion kills one and forever wounds another...

/ December 5, 2019

Roe v. Wade Was a Lie from the Start

I will take this burden to my grave...

/ December 2, 2019
Christmas Maternity

Light Up the Holidays with the Joy of New Life

Unwrap the beauty of a child's love...

/ November 30, 2019
Newborn Baby

12 Year Old Raped by Her Uncle: Is Violence the Answer?

My daughter isn't her rapist's child, she's my child...

/ November 29, 2019
Drawing Life

A Beautiful Drawing of New Life

Every child's life is beautiful, even while living in the womb...

/ November 28, 2019

Reassembling Human Rubble

There can be no doubt that abortion kills a human being...

/ November 19, 2019
Body Art

How to Join the Global War on Abortion

Restoring the human rights of prenatal children is a long and hard fight...

/ November 19, 2019