Poor Fools Living with Disabilities

One must be perfect in mind and body to have a fulfilling life...

/ August 10, 2019
Abortion Ultrasound

Abortionist Admits He Kills Healthy Late-Term Babies

The baby has no input in this as far as I’m concerned...

/ August 9, 2019
Triplet Pregnancy

A View of Triplets Thriving Inside the Womb

Multiple pregnancies deliver the promise of abundant love...

/ August 9, 2019

She Gave Me a Voice

She didn't choose to conceive me, but she did choose to birth me...

/ August 1, 2019
Handmaid's Tale

The Handmaid’s Oath of Shame

I believe mothers must destroy their children to be equal to their fathers...

/ July 28, 2019
Abortion Art

Abortion Cracks the Egg of Human Life

Like a chicken in an egg, so too were each of us in the womb...

/ July 24, 2019

The Pro-Life Position Is Inclusive

If you are a member of the human race, you are in...

/ July 21, 2019
Goo Goo Dolls Black Balloon

Baby’s Black Balloon Makes Her Fly

You know the lies they always told you and the love you never knew...

/ July 21, 2019
Pregnancy Watercolor

A Watercolor Tour of Your Life in the Womb

These watercolors capture the stunning beauty of our beginning...

/ July 20, 2019

Pro-Life Is Pro-Science and Anti-Violence

Abortion is tyrannical and barbaric...

/ July 15, 2019