This Elitist Worldview Kills

Poverty Solutions

Incredibly, people actually use money as a measure of a child’s worth. These people are incapable of realizing that a human life holds more value than all the banks of the world. For perspective, the following people were born into poverty…

  • Abraham Lincoln
  • Oprah Winfrey
  • Steve Jobs
  • Charlie Chaplin
  • J.K. Rowling
  • Sylvester Stallone
  • John D. Rockefeller
  • Sam Walton
  • Jay Z

Should they have been killed because their parents were poor? There’s never a good enough excuse to kill an innocent child.

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A Party Of Oppression

Democratic Party Pin

The Democratic Party has fully embraced the destruction of America’s weakest and most vulnerable members. The party of abortion is the same party that blocked Republican efforts to free the slaves and end segregation. The left likes to pretend they are the champions of the oppressed, but their actions speak much louder than their words. If you are a member of the Democratic Party, know that the blood of over 59,000,000 dead American children stains your hands every time you cast your vote. Know that you will forever be defined by your actions. Future generations will not be kind to your memory.

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Pro-Abortion Men Are Cowards

Whisper Abortion

What women who champion for abortion fail to understand is that craven men use their bodies for sexual gratification while relying on abortion to avoid caring for the children they conceive and the women they impregnate. Abortion is an affront to women’s equality and dignity. The mother who posted this Whisper gets it. Now it’s time for today’s so-called feminists to wake up and realize that objectifying their children only objectifies themselves.

Pro-Tip: The original feminists like Susan B. Anthony and Alice Paul rejected abortion because they clearly understood what it would do to women and their innocent children.

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A Handmaid’s Lie

Handmaid's Tale Abortion

This “Handmaid’s Tale” feminist tries to block the image of an aborted female. If she’s so proud of her right to kill her own children, shouldn’t she want that right shown to the world? Can you think of any other right that should be hidden away? I can’t either.

The feminist idea that they need the right to kill their children to be equal to men has resulted in more dead females than any other cause of death combined. Abortion isn’t a right, it’s a human atrocity.

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Every Child Lost Is A Tragedy

Pregnancy And Infant Loss

Isn’t it interesting that we’ve designated an entire month to honor children lost to miscarriage while we intentionally kill thousands of prenatal children every day?

Planned Parenthood Toddler ‘Services’


Do you ever consider those who really don’t want to be pregnant will do anything not to be? That isn’t some fiction; that was actually a reality before abortion was legalized; people actually doing it themselves.


Did you ever consider that sometimes those who really don’t want to be a parent anymore will do anything not to be? That isn’t some fiction. Mothers and fathers actually kill their toddlers every year. Would you propose making it legal since it’s going to happen anyway? Should Planned Parenthood start offering toddler ‘services’?

Mother Kills Children

Just because something will happen anyway doesn’t mean it should be legalized. Imagine the kind of world we would live in if we adopted your logic.

A Craven Act Of Selfishness

Abortion Ultrasound

How did we arrive at this place in our history? How did we ever let this happen to our species, our culture, our civilization, and most regrettably, our precious children? Incredibly, thousands of mothers view their children on sonograms every day and then expose those same children to the cruelty of an abortionist who rips them apart while still alive.

No society can long endure this craven act of selfishness. Abortion has already turned our prenatal children into a commodity to be disposed of at will. It has devalued every human life in every culture it has ever infected. If we don’t end the killing soon, we will forever be lost in a sea of innocent blood. Societies all over the world are now legalizing the euthanasia of its most vulnerable members, including young children. How long before they come for you?

Shake your apathy and DO SOMETHING to restore our lost humanity!

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