Two People In Each Photo

Maternity Photo Shoot

Some claim that this child was only a person once born. Clearly, he was the same person prior to his birth and equally deserving of human rights, regardless of his location. Reject abortion by rejecting the idea that human rights depend on one’s level of dependency.

Two people lie down before an abortionist. Only one does so by choice.

Prenatal Care Is A Human Right

Prenatal Care

Violence Against A Child Is Never The Answer, No Matter Their Gender

Violence Against Women

His Body, Not Hers

Life Is Mine

It’s Legal To Abort Children This Age

24 Week Fetus

Most people are unaware that it’s legal to kill children like this little girl on demand and without apology in the United States of America and many places around the world. Next time you declare ‘my body, my choice’, remember this little girl and imagine her limbs being ripped from her┬ábody while being subjected to the brutality of human abortion.

If you’re ready to take a stand in defense of our defenseless and voiceless children, here’s your chance.

Abortion Is The Ultimate Oppression Of A Human Being

Criminal Justice

Those who supported slavery were never a slave. Those who support abortion were never aborted. That’s how oppression works.

You Will Love The Child You Want To Abort

Keys To Success

You have the strength to embrace the life of your child. Many mothers regret taking advantage of an unjust law to kill their children, only a tiny few regret protecting them. You and your child are better than abortion.

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