Motherhood Begins In The Womb

Pregnancy Mother's Day

Pregnant mothers cradling prenatal children should be celebrated just like the mothers who are cradling neonatal children. A child’s location doesn’t determine motherhood and fatherhood, their existence does.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Prenatal Play Time

Those who deny human rights to prenatal children claim that they’re not people deserving of rights, including the right to life.

“The unborn person doesn’t have constitutional rights.”

Hillary Clinton, Late-Term Abortion Advocate

The little girl in this video is reacting to her father’s playful taunts, yet she’s legal to kill because some among us falsely claim that we weren’t sentient human beings prior to our birth. Clearly, this little girl proves otherwise. We must protect our children, no matter their size, location, or level of dependency. We must end the barbaric practice of human abortion.

It’s time to do your part and join the fight to restore our lost humanity.

Motherhood Abandoned To Abortion

Pregnant Mother

In 1976, Linda Bird Francke, an avid proponent of abortion, reflected on her choice to kill her child…

I began to panic. Suddenly the rhetoric, the abortion marches I’d walked in, the telegrams sent to Albany to counteract the Friends of the Fetus, the Zero Population Growth buttons I’d worn, peeled away, and I was all alone with my microscopic baby. There were just the two of us there, and soon, because it was more convenient for me and my husband, there would be one again.

[How could I] so arbitrarily decide that this life shouldn’t be? ‘It’s not a life,’ my husband had argued, more to convince himself than me. ‘It’s a bunch of cells smaller than my fingernail.’ But any woman who has had children knows that certain feeling in her taut, swollen breasts, and that slight but constant ache in her uterus that signals the arrival of a life. Though I would march myself into blisters for a woman’s right to exercise the option of motherhood, I discovered there in the waiting room that I was not the modern woman I thought I was.

It certainly does make more sense not to be having a baby right now—we say that to each other all the time. But I have this ghost now. A very little ghost that only appears when I’m seeing something beautiful, like the full moon on the ocean last weekend. And the baby waves at me. And I wave back at the baby. ‘Of course, we have room,’ I cry to the ghost. ‘Of course we do.’

Abortion isn’t only a human atrocity, it’s a human tragedy. It not only robs another human being of their chance to be a mother or father, it robs those who commit this unjust act of the chance to mother and father the child they killed.

We will never know a world founded on a love for one another so long as we continue to believe that some lives matter less than ours. In honor of all those mothers who have sacrificed for their children, it’s time to declare that all humans deserve human rights and that those rights begin with the right to life.

The Womb Should Be The Safest Place On Earth

Most Dangerous Place In America

Hurting Children Is Always Wrong

Drinking While Pregnant

Our schizophrenic culture can’t seem to figure out if we were worth protecting while living and growing in the womb or if our mothers should have been able to brutally kill us if they so desired. Abortion isn’t a ‘grey area’, it’s black and white, just like killing newborns is. If you can’t think of a good justification to crush a newborn child’s skull, you shouldn’t be able to think of a good justification to crush that same child’s skull while awaiting their birth.

If drinking wine during pregnancy can hurt a prenatal child, imagine the harm a razor sharp curette inserted into the womb can do. It’s time to remove the hypocrisy of abortion from our culture and finally embrace the value of every human life.

Celebrating Human Life

Stamp Collection

The Saddest Ideology Of All


This sad person passionately promotes abortion on Instagram. I asked a thought provoking question in hopes of stirring the slightest bit of compassion for her fellow human beings, but all I got back was a total lack of compassion. Since this callous abortion enthusiast was incapable of giving any thought to the life of a child facing the cruelty of abortion, I will.

Consider this scenario: You walk into a bar and notice a pregnant mother shooting tequila and pounding on her swollen belly, laughing and having a great time. You desperately plea with her to stop hurting her child and she responds with “oh, it’s okay, I’m scheduled to abort this baby tomorrow.” What do you do? What do you say? If you support a woman’s right to ‘choose’, then you must remain silent and watch the abuse play out. After all, her child has no human rights and if they’re scheduled to die anyway, why intervene?

Drinking During Pregnancy

This is what “prochoiceslut” is advocating. Because she, and those like her who support the choice to kill prenatal children, see no reason whatsoever to care for a child already scheduled to die. This is the world we have created and this is the world I will never stop fighting to change.

If you believe that all humans deserve human rights, join us in making this a reality.

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