Sleeping Woman

Absolving Responsibility

Instead of fighting to kill prenatal children, fight to protect them...

/ July 7, 2013
Fetus Chalkboard

Warped Abortion Culture

Should death be the solution to a temporary problem...

/ July 7, 2013
Pregnant Mother Holding Ultrasound

Do Women Hate Women?

Nothing is more beautiful than the creation of new life...

/ July 7, 2013
Sailboat Sunset

A Rediculous Premise

Every human should be given the chance to map their own course.

/ July 7, 2013
Murder Knife

We Are Them and They Are Us

The only way to end human abortion is to acknowledge the truth...

/ July 7, 2013
28 Week HD Ultrasound

Beautiful Living Human Beings

If you believe the 'clump of cells' lie, watch this video...

/ July 6, 2013

Don’t Like Rape, Don’t Rape Anyone

If you're against abortion, don't get an abortion...

/ July 6, 2013
Coat Hanger Abortion

The Difficult Act of Forgiveness

Forgiveness is a difficult thing...

/ July 6, 2013
15 Week Abortion

Abortion: Death for Sale

The set value of a human life...

/ July 6, 2013
Little Girl

Where Are All the Feminists?

Gendercide is the ultimate affront to equality for women...

/ July 6, 2013