Love or Hate

Love or Hate?

Do you seek ultimate love or something else…

/ July 6, 2013
Stages of Pregnancy

The Weak Link of an Unbreakable Chain

Aborting a human being ends that person’s life...

/ July 6, 2013

Educate Yourself About Abortion

Abortion is the greatest threat to human life we've ever conjured into existence...

/ July 5, 2013

A Child’s Curiosity

The issues surrounding human abortion are complex...

/ July 5, 2013
Colored Condoms

Let It Rain Birth Control

The human animal is driven to have sex...

/ July 5, 2013
Boston City Lights

Broke in Boston

You have truly broken my heart...

/ July 5, 2013

Apathy Enables Evil

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil...

/ July 4, 2013
March for Life 2017

You’re Not Alone

I’m starting to feel like the only pro-life person on here...

/ July 4, 2013

Animal Tissue

The first time, I felt like a murderer...

/ July 4, 2013
Be This Guy

The Cancer of Abortion

Abortion is a cancer that is attacking the fabric of humanity...

/ July 4, 2013