Tools of the Trade

Medical instruments transformed into weapons...

/ July 10, 2013
Baby Held in Bubble

Aborting Human Suffering

Suffering never warrants the killing of a child...

/ July 10, 2013
Trans Pregnancy

Trans Pregnancy and Abortion

The LGBTQ community, above all others, should support the right to life...

/ July 10, 2013
Pro-Life Feminists

Pro-Abortion Feminists Are Hypocrites

Abortion centered feminism is an affront to the special uniqueness of women...

/ July 10, 2013
Shooting Gun

A Choice Without Consequence?

Aborting children impacts their futures...

/ July 10, 2013
Baby in Womb 23 Weeks

One Choice Away From Death

Their age is irrelevant...

/ July 10, 2013
Crying Woman

Emotional Anguish of Abortion

You don't treat mental health conditions by killing children...

/ July 9, 2013

No Doubt

I have in fact presided over 60,000 deaths...

/ July 9, 2013
Uterine Curette

Should Killing a Child Be a Choice?

No child should die by choice...

/ July 9, 2013

Political Prejudice

Just as skin color, ethnic origin, gender...

/ July 9, 2013