Black Mother and Child

You Can Find the Strength

Love the life that grows inside of you…

/ July 14, 2013
Down Syndrome Baby

Targeting the Disabled for Abortion

Location, nor disability, should determine whether a child should live or die...

/ July 13, 2013
Nazi Germans

Hating Those Who Care the Most

People can and do change their minds...

/ July 13, 2013
Fertilization Art

The Facts Are Clear

Your life began at the moment of your fertilization...

/ July 13, 2013

Pushing Death

We would say whatever was necessary...

/ July 13, 2013
Dog Shelter

Dear Pro-Birthers

Take a minute to think about animals...

/ July 12, 2013
Pregnant Belly Piercing

Harvesting Tissue from Babies

A woman’s body serves many purposes…

/ July 12, 2013

When a Baby’s Not a Baby

We would say ‘It’s not a baby yet. It’s just tissue, like a clot...

/ July 12, 2013

“My Body, My Choice”

The ultimate expression of selfishness...

/ July 12, 2013
Supreme Court Roe v Wade

A Bunch of Old White Men

What about the old white men that ruled on Roe v. Wade?

/ July 12, 2013