girl ultrasound

Love Is Stronger Than Death

This beautiful human being is my daughter...

/ July 21, 2013
Conceived by Rape

Protect the Innocent From Rape

Conceived from rape, I love my life...

/ July 20, 2013
21 Week Abortion

I Just Watched My First Abortion Video

I can’t breathe I am crying so hard...

/ July 19, 2013

The Value of Human Life

Our value as human beings is not based on a sliding scale...

/ July 19, 2013
Stop Abortion Now

How I Lost Faith in the Pro-Life Movement

An examination of fallacies...

/ July 19, 2013

Playing the Morality Card

Morally willing to kill a child...

/ July 17, 2013
14th Amendment

An Uncomfortable Position

A flawed interpretation of the law...

/ July 17, 2013
Indian Intercourse Sculpture

I’ll Decide If Our Child Lives or Dies!

The consent stops when the sex stops?

/ July 17, 2013
Millennial Pro-Life Generation

Lots of “Old Rich White Men”

Millennial women are the pro-life generation...

/ July 17, 2013