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Down Syndrome Freedom

The Freedom to be Born

Abortion is the only form of discrimination we openly accept as a society...

/ August 3, 2021
Verve Pipe - When One Became Two

When One Became Two

We were jumping for joy for a new girl and boy...

/ December 24, 2019

Let the Tears Fall Down

In the name of rights we keep filling nameless graves...

/ September 17, 2019
Goo Goo Dolls Black Balloon

Baby’s Black Balloon Makes Her Fly

You know the lies they always told you and the love you never knew...

/ July 21, 2019
Unplanned Movie

You Were More Than Just a Choice

I’m listening to a symphony in every beat of your tiny heart...

/ March 30, 2019
John Ondrasik Song for the Innocents

A Song for the Innocents

Their haunting plea for protection will stir your emotions...

/ November 9, 2018
Waitress Musical

Waitress Is a Life Affirming Story You Don’t Want to Miss

The life that's inside her growing stronger each day 'til it finally reminds her to fight just a little...

/ September 15, 2018
Slide Goo Goo Dolls

Don’t Wake Up on Your Own

Don't you love the life you killed...

/ September 13, 2018
The Verve Pipe The Freshman

Abortion Will Never Leave You

Now I'm guilt-stricken, sobbin' with my head on the floor...

/ August 18, 2018
Lauryn Hill

Lauryn Hill — To Zion

Unsure of what the balance held, I touched my belly overwhelmed...

/ July 28, 2018