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Handmaid's Tale

The Handmaid’s Oath of Shame

I believe mothers must destroy their children to be equal to their fathers...

/ July 28, 2019
Signs for Life

The World Is Showing Signs for Life

These beautiful handmade signs reflect the artist's hope for a world free of abortion...

/ July 12, 2019
14 Weeks Miscarriage

Exploring the Humanity of People in the Womb

Although sadly miscarried, these prenatal children are changing the world for the better...

/ July 6, 2019
Live Action Lila Rose

Take Live Action to End Abortion

Join the movement to restore true human equality...

/ June 22, 2019
Father Kissing Pregnant Belly

Happy Father’s Day to All Pregnant Fathers!

Fatherhood begins in the womb...

/ June 16, 2019
Netflix Abortion

Netflix Actively Working with ACLU to Push Abortion

Some companies are making the poor business decision to enable the killing of our young...

/ June 1, 2019
Angry Uterus

The Great Zygote Abortion Lie

The primary obstacle to ending abortion is the ignorance of the masses...

/ May 26, 2019

Protecting Every Child is Progressive

Prenatal children are human beings no matter how hard you try to dehumanize them...

/ May 18, 2019
Alabama Abortion Law

Alabama Restores the Right to Life!

Read the bill that declares that every human being deserves human rights...

/ May 16, 2019
A Birth Scene

23 Stunning Birth Photos Show the Power of Life

Discover the beauty of life's greatest moment of transition...

/ May 7, 2019