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Protecting Children

anonymous: so…. say I am a 16 year old girl…. and I am raped. I become pregnant against my will, still trying to survive high school, trying to map out the rest of my life, and now on top of...

/ August 23, 2016
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Vegan Hypocrisy

anonymous: Why do so many vegans support abortion? cultureshift: Vegans fight for the lives of innocent animals. How then, can a vegan so easily see innocent animals slaughtered in the womb? Humans are, after all, members of the animal kingdom.The truth...

/ July 2, 2016

The Value of Motherhood

anonymous: So do you believe a woman is only valuable to a man and society if they get pregnant and have a child? Because that’s really what your blog comes off as. cultureshift: Women are enormously valuable members of our...

/ June 26, 2016

Compare and Contrast

This comment references this post. anonymous: I’m pro-life, and what you’re doing is absolutely revolting. Have some respect. cultureshift: This is why the killing of preborn children has been legal for over forty years. People get extremely upset when fifty...

/ June 12, 2016
late-term abortion

Living With Oneself

anonymous: The things you post are horrible… How do you live with yourself? cultureshift: You fight to continue the slaughter of innocent living human beings. How do you live with yourself?

/ June 12, 2016

Making the World a Better Place

Life is not hard to define, it begins the moment that it can be taken...

/ June 12, 2016
late term abortion

Reconsidering Your Position

anonymous: So I get that you’re a troll blog, but could you possibly support a movement that is…oh I don’t know, non violent, or at least take responsibility for the violence you’ve enacted? cultureshift: I can assure you that my...

/ May 6, 2016
islamic terrorism

Abortion, Capital Punishment, and Terrorism

anonymous: Why do you seem to think it is perfectly okay to murder those considered terrorists and those on death row, whereas abortion is wrong? cultureshift: I oppose the death penalty for the same reason I oppose abortion. Both represent...

/ April 16, 2016

Seeking Therapy

anonymous: why don’t you get off the internet and go get the therapy you so desperately need? your actions are not the actions of a healthy rational adult. go get help. you need it. cultureshift: When the irrational slaughter of...

/ April 3, 2016

A Question of Priorities

anonymous: I completely agree with your views and it’s a shame that you are getting deleted for literally caring about other lives. (On anon cause I don’t want the pro-abortioners to harass me). Are you a part of students for...

/ April 3, 2016