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Preemie Baby Foot

What It Means to Be Loved

I wanna be her mom for as long as I can...

/ June 20, 2018
Missed My Chance

I Missed My Chance

I would've sang him lullabies before he went to bed...

/ June 19, 2018
What Was Your Name

What Was Your Name?

What were you meant to be...

/ February 4, 2018
Eminem River Abortion

Eminem’s Apology to His Aborted Child

Eminem holds nothing back as he shares the pain and regret of killing a child in the womb.

/ January 4, 2018
King's X

The Fight for Life Is Always Real

Abortion breaks men and women and their children. Join the fight for life...

/ December 19, 2017
Kelly Clarkson Piece by Piece American Idol

The Pain of an Abandoned Child

Piece by piece he filled the holes that you burned in me...

/ March 16, 2016
Kelly Clarkson Piece by Piece

Piece by Piece

Be the man you were meant to be...

/ March 14, 2016

Taking a Hammer to My Conscience…

Life is the only choice!

/ February 27, 2016

This One Goes Out to the Ones Who Never Were

Lindsey Thompson sings a song written by her husband Will Thompson, a song dedicated to those lives that have been lost through abortion. CHORUS: This one goes out to the ones who never were. Never got a chance to stand...

/ February 5, 2016
Noah Hinshaw Right to Life