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Anonymous Victims of Choice

When the truth is seen, their lies bleed out...

/ June 21, 2018

Indians Fighting for Life

Regardless of your nationality, you have a duty to defend innocent human life...

/ June 20, 2018
7-12 Week Abortion Victims

America Is Ripping Children from Their Parents

This must not be who we are as a nation...

/ June 19, 2018
Bat Embryos

Nine Months in the Batcave

After leaving the cave, Bruce emerged to assume his role as a defender of human life...

/ June 18, 2018

Abortion Pathology

No amount of tiny jaws dislocated mid-scream does anything to humanize the little sacks of neverweres for me...

/ June 18, 2018
DNA Molecule

The Science Against Abortion

Each human begins life as a combination of two cells, a female ovum and a much smaller male sperm...

/ June 16, 2018
Down Syndrome Newborn


Killing a child because they carry an extra chromosome is an act of genocide...

/ June 13, 2018
Cam MacDonald Swimming

How Could I Be Anything but Pro-Life?

Our current path will rob us all of the opportunity to aid and learn from the struggles of others...

/ June 11, 2018
Astonished Babies

The Best Reason to Smile

We live in a beautiful world with thousands of reasons to smile...

/ June 11, 2018

A Womb With a View

Amazing cake toppers showcase every member of the family...

/ June 10, 2018