Feminism Killed This Little Girl

If you support a woman’s right to abortion, this is your awakening to the hypocrisy of modern feminism. The feminist idea that women need the right to kill their prenatal children to be equal to men has resulted in more dead females than any other cause of death combined.

This little girl should be alive today. Will you fight for the children scheduled to meet her fate? As you consider this request, remind yourself that you had a 25% chance of starring in this video.

Take action.

Human Equality Is Not Up For Debate

21 Weeks Pregnancy

One of these babies was legally slaughtered while still alive and the other is still alive. There are currently 100,000,000 prenatal children living in the womb waiting on you to find your voice. Over 25,000,000 will be butchered. Abortion is a human atrocity.

It’s time to awaken from your slumber.

Nothing To Fear But Fear Itself

Stand On Principle

Never be afraid to speak for the voiceless children facing the barbaric practice of human abortion. Embrace the hate!

Yet Another Promise Broken

Anti-Choice Legislation

The people of America elected a pro-life President, a pro-life House, and a pro-life Senate, and yet nothing has been done to protect America’s prenatal children. They haven’t even been able to stop the use of taxpayer dollars to fund Planned Parenthood, America’s human slaughterhouse. I wonder what’s more important to them, the lives of innocent children or themselves.

“Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.” — Anaïs Nin

Remember Slavery?

Legal Status

Hurting prenatal children is wrong, no matter what’s written on paper. Abortion is the ultimate child abuse.

Abortion Is The Greatest Lie Ever Told

Baby Meme

Planned Parenthood loves to tell pregnant mothers that their children are just meaningless clumps of cells, that what their abortionist will kill isn’t a baby. The abortion industry and the politicians that blindly enable it are lying to you. In an effort to pad their bottom line, Planned Parenthood claims to ‘donate’ the human remains of the children they slaughter for a ‘small fee’ to cover their expenses. That’s another lie. Many of the sadistic companies that profit from the sale of these baby’s organs often use their own employees to pick through the mangled bodies of these children, effectively removing any expenses that would have otherwise been incurred by Planned Parenthood.

It’s time to pull the scales from your eyes and awaken to the truth. Our stage of life doesn’t define our humanity. You’ve always been the same human being you are today.

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Their Future Is In Your Hands

Baby Choices

Abortion robs someone like you of their future and their choices. Put your philosophy in motion and embrace LIFE.

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