The Pro-Life Movement Once Defended You…

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Your turn

Your Early Childhood Explained

Something magical is about to happen! Watch as the ovulation process occurs, and then millions of sperm swim upstream on a quest to fertilize an egg and create a new human being. This was the beginning of you.

Never Relent In The Pursuit Of True Human Equality

Abortion Debate

There are only two ways to silence my voice in defense of the defenseless children being slaughtered by their own mothers: when this human atrocity finally ends or my death, whichever comes first. I remain now and forever unashamed, unafraid, and unrelenting. What’s your voice worth?

Targeting Prenatal Humans Is Wrong

Speak Up

Parents not only kill their children in the womb because they are unwanted, they kill them because they are mentally or physically challenged. They kill them because they are the ‘wrong’ sex and they kill them because they have an imperfection like cleft palate. How much longer before there’s a prenatal test for homosexuality? Will this awaken the liberal left to the need to finally speak up in their defense?

If a mother chooses to abort her child only because they are different, not because she doesn’t want to be pregnant, why shouldn’t she be able to kill that same child after birth for the same reason? After all, it’s not really about “her body, her choice” in this case, it’s about her child’s body. Aborting a child because of their characteristics is the ultimate and most deadly form of discrimination imaginable. The silence is deafening from those who claim to fight for human equality.

You Were You During Your First Nine Months

Stages Of Human Life

Protect those currently passing through this stage of life. After all, you wouldn’t be here if someone didn’t protect you. Abortion kills innocent living human beings.

Abortion Is Prenatal Violence

Abortion is, by almost any standards, a violent act.

— Abortion: A Doctor’s Perspective A Woman’s Dilemma by Don Sloan, M.D. with Paula Hart, page 178

Beautiful Life

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