Category: Art

Aborto Art

Breaking Sculptures

Abortion destroys a beautiful work of art...

/ April 8, 2019

An Abstraction of Death

Healthcare preserves human life, abortion destroys it...

/ March 27, 2019
Abortion Art

Holding Precious Life

The lives of those scheduled to die by abortion are in your hands...

/ March 22, 2019
Abortion Art

Broken Flowers

Where have all the flowers gone...

/ March 12, 2019

Portraying Abortion

This watercolor is a portrait of an actual child aborted at eight weeks...

/ March 2, 2019
Abortion Art

Grotesque Child Abuse

Abortion hurts children to death...

/ February 19, 2019
Abortion Art

Post Aborted

She has never given me a name...

/ February 16, 2019
Baby Emerges From Blood Clots

Discovering Babies in the Womb

The abortion industry can no longer hide behind their euphemisms...

/ February 7, 2019
Lost Souls by Peter Zelei

Collecting Dead Children

Multiple abortions are more common than you know...

/ January 31, 2019
Astronaut in Womb

Forms of Life Support

A person's humanity is not determined by how their life is sustained...

/ January 23, 2019