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Although I am not religious, I found this to be especially beautiful. Diana sketched this beautiful little baby, being touched by God’s mighty hand, right into her Bible during a worship set. The key scripture of Psalm 139 is visible...

/ March 31, 2014

/ March 30, 2014

The beauty of new human life captured in a sushi roll. Amazing.

/ March 26, 2014

Scientific advances, beginning with Leonardo da Vinci, and culminating in the ultrasound, have played no small part in helping us to connect with the unborn members of our human family. Now we just have to stop slaughtering them. Stand for...

/ March 24, 2014

/ March 24, 2014

Self-Portrait as a Garden by ~KRIS-13

/ March 20, 2014

generalelectric: GE employees asked the youngest members of their families to explain what they do. Sydney, age 3, said, “My mom works on things that shows mommies their babies before they’re born."  Illustration by Victo Ngai.

/ March 19, 2014

The reality of the unborn is unmistakable to those who are willing to open their eyes to the truth. Will you see or will you remain blinded by selfishness?

/ March 11, 2014

Abortion leaves an indelible stain on the mothers of the children that are killed by a society that allows this depraved practice. Stand with women and their children. Stand against human abortion.

/ March 5, 2014

nitaguedes: i cant wait on We Heart It.

/ February 9, 2014