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This is the world we have created thanks to the malformed and warped belief that women must be allowed to kill their preborn children in order to reach equality with men. It’s a lie. True equality is found in a...

/ July 23, 2014

/ July 13, 2014

Abortion kills one and wounds another. Mothers don’t regret giving birth to their children, but many regret killing them.

/ June 28, 2014

/ June 27, 2014

You don’t have to deal with the weight brought on by a lifetime of guilt and regret. You don’t have to poison or slaughter your unborn son or daughter. You can protect and nurture them instead. Adoption is the only...

/ May 24, 2014

gemmaisagem: iswallowedthemoon this!! We are all children of the universe. A part of it, it attempting to understand itself, its continuation. Stand for Life.

/ May 20, 2014

/ May 18, 2014

emilye: “If you carefully examine the facts of human embryogenesis and early development, the conclusion is inescapable: From a purely biological perspective, scientists can identify the point at which a human life begins. The relevant studies are legion. The biological facts are...

/ April 26, 2014

/ April 17, 2014
Empty Swings

/ April 14, 2014