Category: Art

Baby Mural

An Allegory to Life

This mural of a baby in the womb brightens our world...

/ March 8, 2020
Embryo Art

A Young Life Held in the Balance

Every human being is a masterpiece of life's beauty and unlimited potential...

/ January 1, 2020
Gravid Aborto

The Articles of Life

Abortion kills one and forever wounds another...

/ December 5, 2019
Drawing Life

A Beautiful Drawing of New Life

Every child's life is beautiful, even while living in the womb...

/ November 28, 2019
Abortion Art

The Evisceration of Our Young

Abortion is destroying our children, both physically and psychologically...

/ September 18, 2019
Right to Choose

The Right to Choose What?

Should there be a right to choose to kill an innocent human being...

/ September 5, 2019
Development of a Foetus in a Womb

An Early Stage of Precious Life

Our lives begin long before our birth...

/ August 11, 2019
Abortion Art

Abortion Cracks the Egg of Human Life

Like a chicken in an egg, so too were each of us in the womb...

/ July 24, 2019
Astronaut & Cord

Clinging to Life by a Cord

Each of us were once little astronauts receiving oxygen through a tube...

/ July 14, 2019

Hunter’s Dissection: Cradling a Baby

Babies are not pregnancy tissue, they are people...

/ June 29, 2019