I have a comment about your website. I understand that you all have your beliefs but the people who are active on your website are cruel, harsh, judgmental ‘warriors’ of God who are making you all look like evil people.

I understand that you don’t approve of abortion but if the foster homes and orphanages are overpopulated and children are being abused and neglected, what’s your solution for that? Not every baby that is conceived was just made due to irresponsible parents. Sometimes it’s rape. I don’t approve of people who just have abortions because they’re convenient but sometimes it’s accidental because protection and birth control options don’t always work.

At the end of the day, minding your business and worrying about your own life is the best you can do. Giving people resources and information that isn’t biased based on your opinions is definitely not something that I’ve seen on this website.

Not every parent who is shamed into keeping their baby is going to have a happy ending. Also, what are you doing to help parents who did decide to keep their babies? What are you doing for children in orphanages and foster care? All children really do matter so I really hope that if you’re talking the talk on their health, safety, and survival that you’re also walking the walk and truly helping all children.


As an atheist ‘warrior’ for life and justice, I don’t and can’t speak for my religious friends. They are more than capable of speaking for themselves. I have a strict policy of never censoring speech because it’s the exchange of ideas that makes life worth living. Having said that, I disagree with your assessment that the comments left on this website by religious participants are in any way cruel, harsh, or judgemental. In fact, they often pale in comparison to my own editorials.

Feminist Abortion ProtestIf you spent any real time on this website, you would find that it’s the pro-abortion side that is cruel. Not only because they advocate for the slaughter of prenatal children, but because they often levy threats, insults, and ad hominem attacks. Nothing angers someone in favor of killing babies in the womb like showing them the unfiltered truth about their worldview.

You asked me what my solution was for overpopulated orphanages and foster homes. Unlike your solution, it doesn’t involve killing any children. First, let me clear up your confusion about foster homes. Children placed in foster care have families that typically love them very much. Kids are placed in foster care because their biological families are required to overcome challenges associated with parenting and life skills. The foster system cannot be fixed by aborting babies, unless all babies are aborted and thus there are no parents.

The solution to overpopulated orphanages, which represent a small percentage of overall orphanages, also doesn’t involve killing anyone. The primary answer is to avoid unplanned pregnancies through aggressive non-abortifacient birth control and age appropriate sex education with an emphasis on taking responsibility for any lives conceived. The other solution involves a prioritization of the welfare and protection of our young at all levels of government and society. If our culture embraced the value of every human life, there would be no shortage of orphanages and people to staff them. By the way, did you know that there is a very long waiting list to adopt newborns? Abortion isn’t making that list any shorter.

Incredibly, you stated that you don’t approve of abortions committed for convenience (seems judgemental) but then go on to claim that abortion is justified because some children are conceived by accident when birth control fails. Every unplanned pregnancy is inconvenient, regardless of how it happened. Using your logic, you should oppose over 98% of abortions. Using my logic, you should oppose them all.

Abused Baby with PacifierAfter stating that you disapprove of killing babies for convenience, you then shared your belief that worrying about our own lives is the best we can do. If you saw your neighbor burning their toddler with cigarettes, would you mind your own business or take action to protect that child? If you witnessed the rape of a six year old, how would you react? Would you only worry about your own life? If you observed a pregnant mother injecting herself with heroin, would you intervene to protect her baby? Each of us have a duty and responsibility to protect children, whether we are their parents or not. Their size, age, and location are irrelevant.

Finally, you seem concerned about what actions I have personally taken to protect children living on the outside of the womb. I have purchased cribs, highchairs, bassinets, bottles, diapers, clothes, toys and many other supplies for mothers struggling to provide for their babies. I’ve volunteered at pregnancy resource centers, donated thousands of dollars to various charities that help children, and given money to single mothers to pay rent and buy food. I’ve hosted virtual baby showers, provided referrals for public and private assistance, and helped write laws to protect mentally and physically challenged kids. Again, none of these actions involved killing anyone.

Now, let me ask you: what have you done other than advocate for abortion to address these problems?

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.


  1. I don’t approve of abortion at all. I won’t be cruel, harsh, or judgemental either. I, along with many others, was a teen mother. My parents and I did not believe in abortion. As far as the choice to give up my twins or keep them, was left up to me. It wasn’t an easy choice to make. Once I made the choice, it wasn’t easy to raise them either, but that was my choice. I don’t regret my choice. God decided what was best for my entire life, as well as my twins. I don’t agree with your views. My suggestion is educate yourself on abortion, adoptions, and raising the children. Ask yourself how you would want to handle an unplanned pregnancy if it were your own, regardless of how it happened. Would you want your child ripped from your womb for no reason? Weigh out the other 2 options as well. What would your choice be, in that situation?


  2. cultureshift: Well said on all counts….

    Warriors of justice protect the innocent and stand for what is right & decent treatment for all human beings… And I would add that being a warrior of God means being a warrior of love, because “God is Love” in the very completest sense. Anyone who says or does otherwise just doesn’t know him…

    alexandria: If you have met any truly hateful people representing Life, they are either terribly misguided & not acting in love, or you are misinterpreting the fact that the murder of little children & destruction of families is upsetting to those who know the truth… If we are evil for protecting children & trying to help men & women not pay the terrible price that abortion is; what is it called to be for the brutal killing of innocent children & the exploitation of women, men, & families???? Because that is what the abortion industry is about. And they seem to do a good job at ignoring the fact that you are capable mothers & fathers and don’t even try to help you accomplish successful parenthood; they seem to just want your money and your child’s body parts, no matter what they claim on the surface… And there’s plenty of proof for these things…

    Pregnancy support centers & other organizations like this one, on the other hand, are committed to helping young families birth & raise their children successfully…

    Look up the testimonies of former abortionists who came face to face with the wrong they were doing… Listen to what they say about what they did to little defenseless babies. And the money they got paid to do so… Dr. Levatino & Bernard Nathanson are just two examples; there are others…


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