I almost got an abortion. All the fears I had ended up being just that, fears. My daughter has brought me so much joy that I could have never imagined while I was making that abortion appointment. Talking to women post abortion and their stories of heartbreak and sorrow. But ultimately, science and biology changed me to pro-life. No human being is disposable.

My journey to pro-life really began when I found out I was pregnant. I was 19 and just finished my first year at college. At the time I was completely pro-choice, I really believed my life would be ruined by being pregnant — I wouldn’t finish college and I’d never accomplish the things I wanted to. So I scheduled an abortion.

Baby Ultrasound

I was planning on not telling my parents about it but I decided to tell my mom I was pregnant and what I was going to do in the next two weeks. My mom, being pro-life, convinced me to go to a local pregnancy center first. I went to the first appointment and they went over the options. I told the lady that I was still going to get the abortion but I’d come back for the ultrasound appointment. Well the day came for the ultrasound, still a week before my scheduled abortion, and I saw my daughter for the first time. As soon as I saw her I started crying because I realized that that was a baby, MY baby, and I couldn’t justify killing her.

I’m going to be honest, I was very uneducated about pregnancy, embryos, fetuses, etc. Much like many pro-choice people are. I didn’t know when ‘life’ began or when a human being begins. I didn’t even think of babies in utero as being living human beings. I didn’t think hard enough or critically enough about it. I was friends with or had pro-choice people in my life that were also uneducated that I listened to. I remember doing debates my senior year of high school and I chose to argue for abortion. But I didn’t even research the other side (I was pretty good at bullshitting in high school to get good grades).

Someone asked, “Did you have limits on your pro-choice views … trimester, viability, birth, disability, gender, etc.”. If you would have asked me three years ago, I probably would have said any reason for abortion was okay until the baby is fully developed. Which obviously is a flawed statement in and of itself because there is no ‘fully developed’ point in utero and humans brains aren’t even fully developed until the age of 25. I was so uneducated I didn’t even know what ‘viability’ was. But that’s probably what I would’ve meant. I didn’t know what selective gender abortions were when I was pro-choice but I probably would have been appalled by it, especially because I was a stereotypical feminist. I’m still a feminist, just a pro life feminist.

Baby PictureMy reasoning for being pro-choice was just simply women’s rights. It seemed like a no brainer to me, like why wouldn’t women have the right to be pregnant or not. And that’s why so many people are pro-choice. Because on the surface it looks like an easy answer. Why wouldn’t you let a woman decide? She has to carry the baby, she’s the one that should make the decision. Until you look deeper and ask critical questions like what does that ‘decision’ or ‘choice’ mean or look like. What is the ‘thing’ she’s deciding about. When you discover that a living human being dies as a result of that ‘choice’, then your morals are questioned.

Why does someone get to decide if another lives or dies? Why are some humans seen as disposable?


Thank you for sharing your story of awakening. I believe your journey can help others open their minds to the truth, a truth that is difficult for some to accept. This difficulty is rooted in the realization that they once supported, or even actively championed for, the right to kill innocent children.

As you noted, the pro-life position is rooted not only in morality, but in pure science. Each and every one of our lives began at the moment of fertilization, the beginning of our existence and every experience and every love we will ever know.

As you aptly extolled, the only thing we have to fear is fear itself. You found the courage to confront your fear and that fear was eclipsed by the ultimate love of a mother for her child. Thank you so very much for protecting your precious daughter. You are not only my hero, I know you are hers as well.

For those considering abortion, the child you carry means you are not alone, but your human family doesn’t stop there. If you are confused by the legal right to kill your son or daughter, I implore you to seek the help of others. You will never regret protecting your child, but you will always regret harming them.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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  1. Good questions… None of us should be disposable & no one really has the right to choose death for someone else….
    Glad you saw the light Hannah, that’s so very awesome! You give us hope for others to see the truth as well…
    Thanks for your honesty in sharing how your thinking changed and sharing it with us. (This calls for happy tears truly!)
    You gave your little girl the best gift of all, you acknowledged her little life, you love her….. What more could a baby ask for..
    CONGRATULATIONS & best wishes to you both!!!


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