The goal of Life Dress is to wear a style that speaks — that every dress made will spark a conversation and change a heart, creating visibility for the pro-life movement one style at a time.

Angelique Claire Clark is a 20-year-old, Vegas-born college student, writer, artist, photographer, activist for preborn human rights, and the designer and founder of Life Dress. She works for Students for Life as a graphic designer, teaches canvas painting classes at a local art studio, and studies Journalism & Media Strategy at the University of Las Vegas.

Her pro-life activism began in high school when she sued her school to establish a pro-life club on campus. That experience changed her and made her into the activist she is today. Ever since then, Angelique has worked as a volunteer with Students for Life of America on dozens of projects and events they’ve created in her hometown of Las Vegas and around the world. But those experiences also took her farther not only in physical distance, but also mentally, spiritually, and in the case of Life Dress — creatively.

Life Dress is the accumulation of all the sketches, graphics, visions, brainstorming sessions, notes, drawings, and inspirations she’s gathered, created, and produced over the last several years of her pro-life activism.

I’ve been searching for a way to express my love of design and my love of the movement for life since I learned what abortion is and vowed to dedicate my soul to helping end it.

Angelique is incredibly excited for her project to expand, to blossom, to burst with the individual stories of every person who wears their pro-life dress, skirt, suit, tie, and all the other styles that will become available as her organization and her dream grows.

Join Angelique in her mission to end the tragedy of abortion at

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.


  1. Awesome wearable Art!… She is right, it can definitely start conversations…. She’s doing a great job!…
    There used to be alot of t-shirts available in times past, but can’t seem to find anymore that have actual pictures of the babies…
    There is definitely a need…


  2. Inspiring young lady and great idea.


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