I just want to say that cultureshiftforlife is amazing and I love how every single question or argument is met with absolute truth, mixed with grace and love. Thank you!


Many people find my methods exceedingly harsh and abrasive. My response is that nothing I could ever say will equal how harsh and abrasive abortion is on the bodies of the innocent children subjected to its cruel practice.

For example, compare the two images below. Which one do you think is harsher?

Everyone in favor of killing prenatal children would admonish the person holding the sign because they believe it’s unfair to compare abortion to any other human atrocity.

They see abortion as a ‘human right’ that empowers one group of people, women, over another group of people, their children. If they understood history, they would realize how misguided and dangerous their beliefs are.

Another group of people once considered it their right to target the weaker members of their human family.

Buchenwald Concentration Camp

History is not kind to those who cling to the idea that some lives matter less than others to empower themselves. The people who hid Anne Frank were breaking the law. The people who killed her were following it.

Sharing the absolute truth about abortion often results in vile backlash, so thank you for your message.

More importantly, thank you for fighting to end the abortion holocaust.


I strongly admire and approve of the work of Cultureshift. It is from the heart. I know that some of it is difficult to look at…but the harsh truth needs to be spread!

Thank you for the compassion that you show towards post abortive women who are suffering. I am one of them who has suffered regret for two decades and now I am fighting back.

I just have a question. I am curious about how you get ahold of the pictures of aborted fetuses and especially the video of that poor baby at 17 weeks. It took me about five weeks to come up with the balls to watch it but I just did. It’s horrifying but it is so powerful to see the truth. How did that video become accessible?


I’m sorry that you must suffer for the remainder of your days knowing that you ended your child’s life. I’m sure you would agree that the best way to cope with your tragic decision is to do exactly what you are doing — fighting for the lives of other children scheduled to face your baby’s fate. For that, I congratulate you.

The best way to spread the truth about abortion is to show abortion. Most people who believe that killing prenatal children is a human right have never seen the reality of its barbaric practice. Over the years, I have collected every photo of abortion I have found on the internet and aggregated them in one place. Many of these photos were taken by abortion workers who had a change of heart and wanted to show the world the truth. Others were taken of babies whose remains were thrown in trash dumpsters located behind abortion facilities and recovered by pro-life activists.

The video of the 17 week old little boy who was aborted was included in a Center for Medical Progress video used to expose Planned Parenthood’s practice of harvesting and selling the parts of the babies they aborted. I am unsure of its original origin. That video is responsible for saving the life of at least one child, and I’m confident it has saved many more.

If you’re interested, here are some resources to help you recover from the pain of your child’s abortion. I hope you will continue to honor their short life by never giving up on the fight for life.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.


  1. … your words are truth … the evolved ‘Death Society’ is the direct result of liars rewriting the historical facts … the ‘Absurd’ of Nihilistic Beliefs have continued to lead in the direction of ‘Death’ while the mind-set of such a reality has become Social / Cultural Mores’ … revoking and reverting is possible with those ‘knowing what to do’ … thank you


  2. It’s a very appropriate comparison, throughout history not all laws that are legal are just… Some, downright evil…

    There’s no way to make the murder of little children look unharsh… You do not come across to me as anything but upset over the injustice that killing little children is, and pleading with their mothers & others to not do this horrible thing…. Murder SHOULD upset us and make us want to prevent it… And it’s little children in danger, anyone with half a heart should be screaming “Nooooooooooooo!”

    Some seem to believe it when the industry’s cover-up methods try to make it “sound” & “look” better, but others are just plain in denial. I saw a brightly colored cartoon film on “what an abortion is”. The child was represented by a little “dot” drawn in colored crayon or marker… Quickly “vacuumed” out by a colored “stick”… The woman was a stick figure…. If that wasn’t a propaganda film, I don’t know what is! (For those who don’t know, “propaganda” used in this way means, “any systematic, widespread, deliberate indoctrination or plan for such indoctrination; now often used in a derogatory sense, connoting deception or distortion.”

    God puts it simply, “Thou shalt not kill”. Which from the original language means “murder”…

    Going to an abortionist is paying a “murderer” to murder your child…. There’s no way to clean it up. I’m sorry ladies, if you’ve had an abortion, you’ve done just that. But you can be forgiven of this, just like we all can be forgiven of wrongs when we sincerely go to God with them. (and we all need to) He will wash the slate clean and toss it in the sea of forgetfulness… But don’t make a bad decision just because of his mercy & kindness towards us. You’ve been shown the truth, do the thing that will bring you blessings & happiness, not grief and regret… Receive the gift you’ve been given..

    I’m saying these things as a woman who has experienced attempted forced abortion, so I understand the pressure, don’t give into it, don’t be a murder accomplice. Let your baby live…..


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