Here we find that a husband has been procuring poison for his wife and prospective offspring! Not with any wish to kill the wife perhaps, but as the chances are 5 to 1 against every woman who attempts abortion, he could not fail to realize the danger. Had this scheme been successful in destroying only the life aimed at, what could’ve been the man’s crime – and what should be his punishment if, as accessory to one murder he commits two?

— Sarah F. Norton

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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  1. He has killed two human beings, one deliberately and one unintentionally. Pre-meditated Homicide & Negligent Homicide…

    Pre-meditated Homicide is still a crime, even if the laws of the land are corrupted. The laws of life and truth have been written since the beginning of time. They have not changed. Only men attempt to change them to accomplish their selfish purposes.

    Look at world-wide slavery, the Nazi-caused Holocaust, and other human genocides. Time and time again in the history of the world, different people groups have enacted laws that were unjust to one or more groups of people. In the end, justice usually prevailed in spite of those who felt superior over others. But the injustices did not end completely, because many who were the instigators of these evils spread out over the earth and have enacted their schemes in more deceptive and subtle ways. Abortion has been contrived as the ultimate way to get rid of human beings, & the numbers prove it’s at epic proportions. Over 1.72 Billion Internationally since 1973.

    How long will the the land that is earth tolerate this massive violent genocide against the most innocent among us? When will we decide to stand up for justice for all people?


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