Social Media CensorshipThe liberal left, who ridiculously yet repeatedly claim to be ‘tolerant’, are the least likely to tolerate opposing viewpoints. Their childish need to squash all dissent is most evident on social media platforms run by like-minded people who are all too happy to silence the voices of logic and reason.

This screencap is from an Instagram user who is terrified by the truth she can’t accept. She believes that her life holds infinite value over the lives of others. To maintain this absurd belief, she must work to silence those who expose the truth that those awaiting their turn at birth are just as valuable and just as worthy of life as she is.

The reason exists is because of people like Instagram user i.once.was.poison.ivy. At one time I had a massive following and global reach on Tumblr, reaching the top five Tumblr accounts, just behind Minecraft. As with this attempt, several pro-abortion social media users banned together and created a flood of reports to the Tumblr staff for ‘harassment’. My account was soon deleted. Not that it’s necessarily related, but Tumblr has since become a failed platform for the exchange of ideas and is no longer relevant. Hopefully Instagram won’t follow suit.

Because I refuse to allow my voice in support of those scheduled to die by abortion to be silenced, I created several other social media accounts on multiple platforms and exported my Tumblr data to create this website. Since it’s a, I don’t have to worry about the unfair rulings of the elitist class who run today’s social media empires.

This Instagram user may or may not have the success of her Tumblr peers, but if she does, I’ll simply rise from the ashes like a Phoenix. Since Tumblr deleted my account, I’ve created over a hundred replacement accounts, each deleted after a short while, then replaced. As I stated, I will never allow my voice to be silenced.

This is the comment i.once.was.poison.ivy left on the post that compelled her to create her campaign of oppression…

You can choose your right to an abortion– but if my mum didn’t get a abortion to terminate my sister, I would be dead. Abortion is healthcare because it saved me and my mum. If you truly want to be pro life. Be pro LIFE. Increase Sex Ed, make healthcare accessible, help the mums who would have no other choice other than terminate or bring a kid into a unsafe world. If you’re pro life, let the teen mum live and have a kid in an environment where they’ll be loved and cared for. If you’re pro life let the 13 year old still be a kid. If you’re pro life let the people live, not the petri dish of cells.

I’ll let you objectively analyze her many flawed assertions, except one.

Twins Ultrasound HD

She literally stated, and I again quote, “if my mum didn’t get a abortion to terminate my sister, I would be dead.” Let that sink in for a minute. She is happy that her sister was killed by abortion because she believes that’s why she’s alive.

This way of thinking is not only selfish, it’s cowardly and inhuman. She’s the embodiment of everything abortion is.

My sister was killed by abortion, but instead of relishing her death, I am repulsed by it. She was killed shortly after the Roe v. Wade decision legalized the killing of prenatal children in America. I am only here because I was conceived and born shortly prior to Roe. The concept of celebrating my sister’s death is foreign to me. In fact, she is the reason I fight so hard to end the atrocity of human abortion. I will not let her death have been in vain.

Never stop fighting against those who believe some lives matter less than others.

Be unafraid, unashamed, and unrelenting.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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  1. “In fact, she is the reason I fight so hard to end the atrocity of human abortion. I will not let her death have been in vain”
    Lol really? how dumb, I hope her being hoovered to death is in vain (but its not because it solved your mothers problem)


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